Build Your Perfect Truck and We'll Guess Your Favorite Sport

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Sports and trucks: two things that bind America together. America has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to truck choices and configurations, and a plethora of professional sports we enjoy. 

From Mixed Martial Arts to boxing to hockey, the United States has dozens of sports for us to enjoy. Every game has its unique appeal and audience. Likewise, American trucks have a unique appeal. 

American pickups are arguably much the same as each other, but each one has a unique strength or feature that sets it apart. Truck brand loyalty runs as strong in this country as allegiance to a sports team, or even family. Beyond brand, there are specific features and bits of automotive tech that say a lot about you and your tastes. Together, they paint a picture.

From these parallel loyalties can be drawn certain data nexuses that point both ways. From the way you choose, configure, and spec up your dream truck we can determine what your favorite sport is, and why it appeals to you. All we need to do this is a few carefully chosen data points.

So take this quiz, design your platonic ideal of a pickup truck, and we'll guess your favorite sport with 100% accuracy.

First, what brand are you loyal to?

How big do you want your truck?

What kind of cab do you want?

What kind of drivetrain do you want?

How much power do you need from your engine?

What kind of frame do you want?

What kind of differential do you want?

Which is more important to you, torque or horsepower?

What kind of seats do you want?

What kind of floor mats do you want?

What lighting accessories do you want for your truck?

What kind of storage cubby can you not do without?

What kind of bed liner do you want?

What color interior do you want?

What kind of interior trim do you like the sound of?

What paint scheme do you want for the outside?

What specialist modifications do you require?

What kind of audio system do you want?

What transmission is your mission objective?

To trailer hitch or not to trailer hitch?

What creature comfort do you insist on?

What high tech item is a must have?

What kind of self-driving tech are you cool with?

How important is mileage to you?

What kind of tires do you want?

What rims adorn your truck?

How hardcore is your suspension?

What materials do you want your truck to be made out of?

What tuning would you inflict on your exhaust?

Finally, diesel, gas, hybrid, or hydrogen fuel cell?

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