Build Your Perfect Dorm and We'll Guess Your College Major

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As you build your perfect dorm room, spare no expense! Deck the walls in anything you please, and we'll let you know what you majored in during college. It's not so much a matter of being messy or neat. It's more about your taste in furniture, bedding and decorations. Then again, we will also need to know how you would arrange your room and if you need your mom to help. 

Surviving your college years is only made possible by having your own little nest of a dorm room. As your home, your hub and your center, your dorm room naturally goes from boring brick walls to being a far more personal space. Your little touches are what make you feel comfortable living away from home, for what may be the very first time. The way you put together your ultimate dorm room will tell us where your skills lie! It will also make it possible for us to guess your major. 

Whether you prefer a bean bag chair or sitting at a desk will give away big clues about the kind of books you know inside and out! There's no need to cram for this quiz, and you won't be graded. We'll just take a stab at the major you declared! 

What does your ideal dorm door look like?

Which of these will definitely be in your room?

Your dorm walls would ideally....

What should your floors be made out of?

When it comes to fabrics, which of the following do you lean toward the most?

And, when it comes to colors?

If there were no space restrictions, what kind of bed would you put in your room?

How much would you spend on the linens for said bed?

If a water feature could be added in somewhere, what would it be?

How important is closet space to you?

As far as animal decorations go, which would you place in your dorm room?

What kind of shower/tub do you want?

If the school could splurge on one bathroom item, what would you ask for?

Which of these items is going on, or near, your bedroom wall?

What piece of art would you place right next to it?

What kind of flowers/plants would have decorate your room?

What kind of chair do you love to curl up on?

Which look for your dorm's kitchen would make you the happiest?

Which fun feature would you add to your common room if you could?

Your ideal roommate would be someone who is ...

What do you normally have for breakfast?

Where in the school do you like to study?

When you're not studying, what are you doing?

What was your typical college weekend like?

If you could've brought a pet to college with you, what would you bring?

If you had some downtime, which of these home renovation shows would you watch?

Living rooms are meant to be?

Which room in your house is your favorite?

What add on would definitely be in your room?

Which of these will you be doing when school closed for summer?

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