Build Your Own Babyshower and We'll Tell You how Many Kids You'll Have!

By: Teresa M.
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Let's take a glimpse into the future and find out how many kids you'll have. How will we do it? We'll be able to tell by how you plan your own baby shower!

Which baby shower gift do you think is most thoughtful?

Will you decorate in pink or blue?

Will you have a reveal party before the baby shower?

What kind of cake would you have made for your shower?

What drinks will you serve to your guests?

Which appetizer would you serve?

Who will make the food for your shower?

Which shower game will you play?

Which girl's name might you choose?

Where will you hold your baby shower?

Which pregnancy movie do you like most?

What sort of entertainment would you have at your baby shower?

Where would you register for your shower?

Will the baby's father be allowed to attend?

Will you ask your guests to bring anything?

Who will help you organize your baby shower?

Which Disney theme would you choose for your shower?

What will you wear to your shower?

When will you have your baby shower?

Would you like to have twins?

Which gift would you not like to receive?

How many people will you invite?

Which stuffed animal would you most like to receive as a gift?

Will you serve dinner to your guests?

What prizes would you give away?

Which word best describes your ideal baby shower?

Who would you trust to help you plan?

Have you ever planned a baby shower?

How will you plan your seating chart?

What do you want your guests to leave thinking?

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