Build Your Hollywood Movie Dream Cast and We'll Guess How Old You Are

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Roll out the red carpet for your film filled with all the hottest stars you can think of! Before you enter into the job of casting director, it's fun to think about how you would cast people in certain roles. Would you have them audition or would you just offer parts to people? If you're holding auditions, what are they reading? Will it be scenes from the particular movie, or will you choose a scene from your favorite flick? So many questions! The good news is, you're not on a time crunch with this quiz. You can choose actors and actresses to fill specific roles and do it at your own pace.

But don't take too long, because the star you choose might not be famous forever. There's a reason the saying "15 minutes of fame" exists. People go through phases of popularity just like anything else. That's why we can tell how old you are by which stars you choose. Some have just had their breakout role, while others have been gracing your screens for decades and aren't slowing down any time soon. Who is perfect for the movies you're working on? Take this quiz to cast your movie, and we'll guess how old you are!

If you were casting a sweet romantic comedy for summer, who would you cast as the lead female?

Who would play the male love interest in your summer rom-com?

Is there one actor that you can picture playing the best friend alongside the lead?

Do you like the idea of tons of huge celebrity cameos on your movie?

You're the mastermind behind an animated movie. Who is voicing the main character?

Which Hollywood star would play you in a movie about your life?

If you had to choose someone to play your troubled neighbor, who would you pick?

Imagine you're casting an action movie to premier around Christmas. Who is playing the leader of the pack?

There's a new Marvel movie in the works with a brand new hero. Who will you cast?

Since Daniel Craig has finished his reign as James Bond, you get to pick the new one. Who are you going with?

"The Little Mermaid" is going live action! Which red head are you pegging for Ariel?

If you had to re-cast Aladdin, who would you have picked for Genie?

Who should be the next Batgirl?

You're turning your favorite coming of age book into a movie. Who are playing the unsuspecting love interests?

Which city would you cast as the location for your movie?

Who from the "Riverdale" cast would best play the stranger in a coffee shop meet cute in your latest feel good film?

It's Hallmark Christmas movie time! Who is the leading lady who can't seem to find her Christmas spirit?

Valentine's Day is coming up and there's a lot of pressure to cast the perfect dreamboat in your romance movie. Who's making the cut?

Take anyone from the "Parks and Recreation" cast to star in the movie version. Who is your first pick?

In your honest opinion, who is the best choice for a witty professor in a movie about the dark side of attending Ivy League schools?

Do you think that the "Harry Potter" series was cast correctly?

Can you pick someone to play the lead detective in the latest true crime movie?

Which TV commercial star would make for the best breakout role in a new comedy?

There are a lot of older movies being remade with modern stars. Who should star in the remake of "Scarface"?

Who would be the best choice to play Ferris Bueller if the movie ever got remade?

Which role would be the best for John Krasinski?

If you were to do a remake of a classic teen movie, would you try to find people who match the original cast?

Should "Die Hard" ever be re made with a different cast?

Who would you have put on set to play Miranda Priestly in "The Devil Wears Prada"?

You need someone to play your best friend in the movie based on your life. Who are you going with?

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