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Whether you live an average or a great life, we all have a dream life that exudes happiness and most often, wealth. A dream life may consist of mansions, fancy cars, expensive clothes and accessories, indulging in exotic foods and partaking in expensive hobbies. But for some people, a dream life isn't about the money or any fancy luxuries, but rather, a quiet life filled with friends, family and laughter. After all, money may be the secret to happiness for some people, but may be viewed as a curse to others.

If you had all the money in the world, think about what kinds of things you would buy and how you would manage your money. Would you live a more extravagant life, or would your life remain unchanged? Let's think a little bigger for a moment, because a dream life may not even exist on planet Earth for you. Maybe you wish to have wings or some kind of power that will allow you to transcend other people. Or perhaps, you would want to breathe underwater or breathe fire in your dream life! It's time to stretch your imagination with unlimited possibilities in this dreamy quiz!

If you could live in one of these exotic locations, which one would you choose?

In your dream life, which of these celebrities would you want to be best friends with?

Let's say you have an unlimited amount of money in your dream life. What would you do with all of it?

Would you rather have a private jet, a superyacht or a really fancy car?

Picture your dream house for a moment. Is it overlooking a big city, a beach or a wilderness?

Choose one of the following to include in your dream house: a swimming pool, an arcade or a movie theater.

If there was a secret to achieving a dream life, what do you think it would be?

You've got $1,000 to spend on whatever you want in a mall. What will you buy first?

In your dream life, which of these natural wonders of the world would you want to visit first?

With time at your disposal, which of these skills would you want to learn in your dream life?

Picture your ideal dream life. Are you living alone, with a significant other or with your family?

Would you hire anyone to do your house cleaning for you?

If you were rich, would you cook more, order takeout or eat out at fancy restaurants on a regular basis?

Which of these Fortune 500 companies would you want to own in your dream life?

You have the opportunity to completely change your appearance or change your name in your dream life. Which one will you choose?

Let's say that you could have one of these superpowers in your dream life. Which one would you choose?

If you could become one of these superheroes in your dream life, who would you want to be?

Which of these very expensive foods would you consistently indulge in?

Assuming that you have all the money in the world, would you become a more lazy or a more hard-working type of person?

Which of these professions would you want to transition to in your dream life?

You're throwing a fancy party for all of your friends and family. Which of these expensive drinks would you serve to your guests?

In your dream life, which of these exotic animals would you like to own as a pet?

Would you want to trade all the money in the world for eternal happiness?

Which of these successful investors would you want as your mentor in your dream life?

If you could be in one of these classic movies as the main film star, which one would you choose?

A dream life would be void of happiness if you weren't able to live in which of the following castles?

You are able to time travel to the past and talk to one of these historical figures. In your dream life, who would you choose?

Which of these global issues would be resolved in your dream life?

Do you think that a dream life is just a dream or something that may be attainable for you?

Your dream life would likely embody which of these seven deadly sins?

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