Build Your Dream Home and We'll Guess What Age You’ll Be Married By

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About This Quiz

Are you ready to take on building your dream home? Well then this is the quiz for you! Getting to the point of taking your dreams and making them a reality is such an empowering moment in life. It can also be so fun! Getting to hand pick every little thing that goes into that house, the land it sits on, and the people who enter it is a special privilege. So take the time to really plan things out, hire the right people, and not go overboard with things you don't really need.

But of course, dream homes aren't always just about what you need. They are also about what you want. The things you want and how you go about making the decisions give good insight into other things in your life that you want. For example, we might be able to guess when you'll get married. Age is really just a number, but for a lot of people, they put a number on when they want to be married by. Whatever the reason for this is, no one really knows when they'll meet the one. But if you take this quiz and design your dream home, we can guess what age you'll be married by!

Why do you want to build your dream home instead of trying to find one to buy?

What is your first step in the process going to be?

Will you look into hiring a team to help with the build?

Are you creating a digital rendering of the home before getting started?

Have you thought about how big you want all of the rooms to be?

What style of home are you looking to build?

Is there a specific location you see the home in?

Are you really focused on having a lot of natural light?

What area of the house will have the most windows?

Do you know what type of heating you want?

How long do you want this build of your dream home to take?

Where are you looking for design inspiration?

How many floors will your house have?

Do you need more than two bedrooms?

Will there be coordinating bathrooms to the number of bedrooms?

Will your dream home have a general color scheme?

What type of facade do you desire?

Are there things you are adding to plan for the future in this home?

Where do you envision spending most of your time?

Will all of the bedrooms be on the same floor?

How many fireplaces will your dream home have?

Are you going high end with your kitchen appliances?

What about flooring? Are you going with carpet, hardwood, tile or something else?

Do you think you're able to separate your needs from what your wants?

Is a home office a necessity for you?

What do you envision your lifestyle being like in your dream home?

Do you like the look of separated rooms or open floor plan?

Will you have a pantry in the kitchen?

Do you want a lot of land for activities?

What about a separate laundry room?

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