Build an Engagement Ring and We'll Set You Up With a Sexy Vampire

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Engagement and wedding rings have a very long history. The ancient Romans believed that there was a nerve running from the ring finger to the heart, and that surrounding it magnified one's emotions. As a result of this, the Romans would sometimes wear wrist cuffs made of gold (which was believed to amplify love in this configuration), but rings use a lot less gold and are more comfortable to wear, so gold rings were also commonly used for this.

Rings have a history of occult meaning beyond merely our uses of them today. In mythology, rings can be fetishes; physical objects imbued with a spell that gives the wearer of the ring a magic power. Some rings brought luck or allowed the wearer to travel great distances, turn invisible or live forever. The connection between rings and the occult goes back all the way to the dawn of civilization.

Another occult idea that reaches back a very long time is the vampire. Vampires and vampirism exist in many forms, in many cultural traditions. Some vampires are little more than zombies rising from the grave each night, while other vampires are, as with Vlad Dracula, enchanted nobles intent on living forever, often past the purpose that led them to seek eternal life. We will connect these two traditions for you in this quiz. Design your ideal engagement ring, and we will tell you which sexy vampire is the one for you.

On what finger will you wear your engagement ring once you also have a wedding band?

Which of these basic engagement ring designs appeals to you?

What cut of stone would you like for the main stone of the ring?

How would your engagement ring match your wedding band?

What sort of budget will you have?

What clarity grade would you like for the main stone?

Will you have the ring designed so that secondary stones can be added for anniversaries?

What color would you like for the main stone?

Would you have a more casual ring for daily wear and save the fancy one for special occasions?

How many carats would you expect for your ring's primary stone?

How will you come by the primary stone?

What type of stone would you choose as the main stone, the central statement of the ring?

Whose famous ring would you take as inspiration?

The central stone needs to be attached to the ring. What type of setting would you like for the main stone?

Which famous jewelry brand would it be most like?

What metal would you want for the mounting of the main stone?

How will you cope with wearing a glove while wearing your ring?

How would you like the secondary stones to differ from each other or the primary stone?

Who do you hope to make jealous with your ring?

What kind of stone would you like for the secondary stones?

Where will you store the ring when you take it off?

How big should the secondary stones be, in carats?

How easy will it be to get on and off?

What symbol would you incorporate into the arrangement of the stones?

How would you go about insuring your engagement ring?

What metal would you like for the mounting of the secondary stones?

What precious metal would you pick for the main part of the band?

What design accent would you have for the main part of the band?

What would you have engraved on the inside of the band?

If people don't like your ring, what will they say about it?

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