Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess Your Ideal Haircut

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Life is too short to not do things that make you feel good about yourself.  Two of the best things you can do for yourself include getting a snazzy new haircut and getting some snazzy new Taco Bell.  And you may already be doubting how these two things are connected, but that's just because you haven't really gotten deep into the beans and cheese of haircut psychology.  

Are you a traditionalist with soft tacos and bangs?  Are you living life on the edge with a Fiery Doritos Locos Taco and a Mohawk?   Do you take no prisoners with a Kit Kat Chocodilla and an old school perm?  There's a lot to unpack here, and all of it could use a little hot sauce.  Or hot oil treatment.

If you're a master of the Taco Bell menu but aren't 100% sure just what haircut suits you best, then step up to the gordita place and take this quiz.  Share with us your opinions on queso, chipotle sauce and hard shells vs soft shells and we'll share with you the one haircut that will absolutely make you look stunning the next time you need to go out for a Double Chalupa with a side of Cinnamon Twists. 

What's the one thing you order more than anything else from Taco Bell?

What sauce do you need on a taco?

What toppings do you like on a taco?

What's the ultimate side to go with a taco?

What's the best kind of burrito?

What do you like most inside your quesadilla?

What veggie needs to be on a taco?

What's the best kind of cheese you can get at Taco Bell?

What's the tastiest sweet treat you can get at Taco Bell?

You've only got one dollar to spare. What do you buy off the dollar menu?

What would you want most from the Taco Bell breakfast menu?

If you're looking for a vegetarian option, what do you order?

Sometimes you need something bigger than a taco. What massive menu item do you choose?

Taco Bell is infamous for crazy food items. Which one sounds best to you?

What kind of shell makes for the best taco?

What's the most underrated sauce you can get on a taco?

Sometimes Taco Bell tweaks the recipe for a crunchy shell. Which shell was the best?

What's the go-to protein to get in your taco?

What kind of meat does Taco Bell not have on the menu that you wish they did?

What menu item do you just not understand?

They say location is everything, so what location is the best for eating a taco?

When do you crave Taco Bell the most?

What do you dip your nachos in?

You're going to get parched eating those tacos, so what will you order to drink?

Not every Taco Bell item is a folded tortilla. What oddly shaped item makes you hungry?

What level of spice do you like?

If you were having a junk food extravaganza, what other fast food would you have with your tacos?

What item does Taco Bell need to add to its menu?

How many soft tacos can you handle in one sitting?

You can add a lot of extras to a taco. Which one speaks to you the most?

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