Build a Salad and We'll Guess Where in the U.S. You Live

Lauren Lubas

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What you eat can tell a person a lot about you... what you think about dieting, what your parents were like, and even where you live. Every region of the United States has its own signature flavors that it boasts. The flavors of this country are as unique as the dialect and accents that so clearly can tell a person where you're from. Americans will even get territorial about the foods they think they've trademarked (see the great New York/Chicago pizza debate). 

Luckily, no one has really trademarked a salad... except maybe Caesar, but that salad (ironically enough) was born in Mexico, believe it or not. Another great thing about salad is the fact that it can be basically any mixture of ingredients that might taste great together... even if it sounds disgusting. We're looking at you, Ramen salad. So, can someone really tell a lot about you by the salad that you eat? 

The answer is yes. Absolutely, and not just because of that old saying "you are what you eat." From the lettuce you choose to the dressings you need, the way you build your salad can tell someone exactly where you live. Take some time to build your dream salad, and we'll guess where you live in the United States.

Which type of lettuce is going to be on your salad?

Every great salad comes with dressing. What kind of dressing is on your salad?

Are there bacon bits on your salad?

What vegetable/fruit is most prominent in your salad (other than lettuce)?

If you had to choose a cheese for your salad, which would it be?

What is the base of your salad?

Which of these would you NEVER have on your salad?

What kind of meat will you have on your salad?

What is the most important part of your salad?

What kind of pickled item is on your salad?

If there are red peppers on your salad, how are they prepared?

How much cheese is on your salad?

How are the carrots on your salad prepared?

Which meat is most likely to be on your salad?

Are there peas on your salad?

Which sweet fruits are on your salad?

Which nut tops your salad?

How is the meat on your salad prepared?

Is your salad a starter or an entree?

Do you dump the dressing on top or toss it with your salad?

How much dressing is going on your salad?

What veggies would you pick for your salad?

What is the consistency of ingredients on your plate?

Do you put salt and pepper on your salad?

Is there a hard boiled egg on your salad?

Which of these MUST be on your salad?

Which of these are on your salad?

Do you like iceberg lettuce?

How many veggies (other than lettuce) are on your salad?

What kind of crunch is on your salad?

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