Build a Pop Playlist and We'll Give You a Senior Yearbook Quote!

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Unless you didn't go to high school or you were kicked out for some reason, then you would have had a quote in your senior yearbook. Which of these would it be based on your pop music preferences? Take this quiz to find out!

What type of music do you listen to?

Which of these artists do you like most?

Which of these concerts would you go to?

Which of these songs would you never willingly listen to?

Which of these girl group songs puts you in a good mood?

Which of these songs would you put on your party playlist?

Which of these songs makes you want to start tweaking immediately?

Which 2017 summer song keeps you singing?

Which of these songs is your guilty pleasure?

Your 80s club anthem is…

Which 90s song are you still listening to?

Which of these collaborations you like most?

Which of these ballads speaks to you?

Which of these songs always makes you cry?

Your love making go to song is…

When thinking about your crush, which of these songs is playing in the background?

When you and your significant other are fighting, the song that you listen to is …

Which of these songs will be on your wedding playlist?

Which of these is your break-up jam?

Which of these is your fight song?

When you feel like listening to punk music, you put on some…

A gym playlist isn’t finished without what song?

Which of these songs would you imagine playing when you walk in slow motion?

Which of these TV shows would you steal songs from?

Which of these divas is your favorite?

When your parents ground you, which of these songs do you put on blast in your room?

Which of these prom songs do you still slow dance to?

Which of these songs sums up your high school life?

Which of these songs would you be singing after graduating?

What would be your high school superlative?

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