Build a MySpace Page and We'll Give You an AIM Screen Name!

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In the old days of Myspace, the only worries we had were forming our Top 8, or Top 7 because obviously, there was Tom! From your background screen to the music playing, build a Myspace page and we'll give you an AIM screen name.

In 2003, MySpace started a social networking phenomenon. Founded by Tom Anderson, Chris DeWolfe and Jon Hart, the website made it possible for friends to connect with each other and others all around the world. While it is often considered a thing of the past, there are a few things about the site that are unforgettable. 

How could you forget Tom's image that would always pop up in your top friends? You probably spent hours trying to pick out a background image and decide the best song to play as others scroll through your page. As MySpace was taking up your time, AIM probably was, too!

AIM is the AOL Instant Messenger. Launched in 1997, it gave users the chance to live chat with any other person who had a "screen name." Everyone knows that your screen name was the most important part! You might've been QTPie104. Maybe you were NBAKid23. While this was a great part of the 2000s, AIM has since been discontinued, but we're bringing it back today!

Go back to the days of broadband and build a Myspace page with this quiz and we'll give you an AIM Screen Name!

Tom will thank you!

Which song best fits your page?

Which background image would you most likely have?

How many friends were you connected with on MySpace?

How many animations are on your page?

Which color scheme is the closest fit for your page?

Did you alter the contrast on your photos?

Will your profile feature any dark poetry?

How flirty were you on MySpace?

Do you think Mac or Windows is better?

Will there be any references to marijuana on your page?

Will your page have a "Lord of the Rings" or other fantasy theme to it?

Which person are you most likely to quote on your page?

How long is your "About Me" section?

Do you know what "PC 4 PC" means?

How long will you spend finding your perfect wallpaper?

Will changing your Top 8 cause a lot of drama?

How much HTML did you learn to produce your custom profile?

How regularly did you get the message, "Do I know you?" when you added someone?

Which famous person is in your "Who I'd Like to Meet"?

Would you say that you were kind of famous on MySpace?

How much time did you spend searching for undiscovered bands on MySpace?

How long did it take you to move over to Facebook?

How regularly did you take those quizzes that were posted in bulletins?

Do you know what a "whore train" is?

What does "L4L" mean?

Were you a master of getting all the right angles in your profile pictures?

Did you have a profile picture taken in a mirror with a camera in the shot?

How did most of your conversations start on MySpace?

How often was your page "Under Construction"?

Did you list your accurate age on your profile?

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