Build a Drunken Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign

By: Steven Miller
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The way you approach your late-night order at Taco Bell is going to tell us an awful lot about you. Whether you're sticking entirely to the "Dollar Cravings Menu," or you're going "Supreme" on everything, the amount and type of food are sure to point us in a specific zodiac direction.

For example, if you already know your order before you arrive and your only goal is to soak up as much alcohol from your system as possible on the smallest budget, you're starting to sound a lot like a practical Capricorn to us. If you'd much rather wait until you got home to eat your food and you're going for the mild sauce, we're even more sure of our guess.

Perhaps you worked up quite an appetite while you brought your A-game to yet another epic night out. If you're also likely to pass out half-way through eating your order, you sure seem like you could be a Leo.

Maybe you're the designated driver on this adventure. If you always seem to be the responsible one who is looking out for and taking care of your friends, Pisces might just be the sign that's on the menu.

Thank you for coming to Taco Bell. Can I take your order?

How late are you likely making your drunk run to Taco Bell?

How many items are you likely to order?

Will you get dessert?

Will your eyes likely be bigger than your stomach?

Are you the designated driver?

How many other people are likely to be in the car with you?

Will you add sour cream to your items?

Which sauce packet are you most likely to use?

How much of your order will be from the "Dollar Cravings" menu?

Which beverage are you most likely to order?

Will your order include any nachos?

How long will it take you to decide on your order?

Are you the one placing the order or will someone else likely do it?

Are you likely to order a combo meal?

Is there a good chance that your order will include at least one item with Doritos in it?

Will you order a Mexican Pizza?

Are you more likely to do crunchy or soft tacos?

Of the following, which combo are you most likely to order?

Are you a fast eater or do you take your time?

How likely are you to pass out in the car after you eat?

Based on your usual night out, how epic was the evening for you?

How likely are you to be chipping in funds to cover someone else's order?

Which description best matches your role in your group of friends?

Which side sounds most appealing to you?

Are you eating in the car or waiting until you get home?

Which description best matches your usual diet?

Which of Taco Bell's breakfast menu items is most appealing to you?

Which burrito are you most likely to order?

How much of a mess are you going to make as you eat?

What is your usual reaction to having eaten Taco Bell on a drunken night?

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