Build a Diner And We'll Tell You Which "Grease" Character You Are

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

The diner is the classic American restaurant, and "Grease" is the classic American movie musical (and stage show). What do your diner preferences tell us about your role in "Grease?"

What's the most exciting food on the menu?

What's the music like?

What's on the wall behind the bar?

Do you serve hard liquor?

What color are the walls?

How's the parking?

Who comes to the diner?

Do you open on Sundays?

Who would never come to your diner?

Where is your diner?

What's your price point?

Are you the face of your diner?

Does your diner ever have live music?

If your diner were closed down, why would that be?

Does your diner have AC?

Is your diner a tolerant sort of place for all sorts of people?

Does your diner change its decor often?

Are there any car parts decorating your diner?

What day of the week is it busiest?

What business is near your diner?

What house of worship do people visit before they come to your diner?

Who have you had to kick out of your diner?

Who do you hope will come and eat there?

What's your diner's unique selling point?

What menu item is most popular?

How are the seats arranged?

Who might you name a sandwich for?

What is the best milkshake you do?

How large are the portions?

How do you want people to feel when they leave?

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