Build A Date and We'll Tell You How Old Your Next Boyfriend Should Be!

By: Bri O.
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Our dating preferences say a lot about who we are and what we're looking for in our partners. Given your choices when it comes to designing a typical date-night, how old do you think your next boyfriend should be? Play on to find out!

Would there be mood lighting?

What would be the main source of light?

Where would the date take place?

How long would the date last?

Would you spend any time Netflixing and Chilling?

Who pays?

If you were going out to eat, what type of restaurant would you choose?

What would be the expected attire for the date?

At what time of day would the date occur?

How old are you?

Would you be open to a double date?

Is spontaneity important for a date or should everything be planned out in advance?

Would any kissing be involved?

Do you enjoy doing activities that involve exercise on dates (i.e. hiking, biking, etc.)?

Do you care how clean your home is if your date is coming over?

If you go to the movies, what genre of movie do you usually choose?

Who chooses the activities for the date?

Do you prefer to be friends with your dates before you start dating, or does this not matter?

How long has it been since your last date?

Do you like to cook for your dates?

Would you be interested in attending some sort of couples class (like cooking) for a date?

What types of music would be playing in the background during your date?

What do you worry about prior to going on a first date?

What's your attitude about dating?

Do you usually prepare an escape plan in case your date goes south?

Would there be a color theme to the date?

How to you feel about incense?

How long do you spend getting ready for dates?

Do you expect your date to pick you up?

Do you have any automatic deal-breakers when it comes to first dates?

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