Build a Burrito at Chipotle and We'll Guess Which Region of the US You're From

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For a quarter of a century, people have been packing tortillas until they burst with goodness at their local Chipotle. The concept is deceptively simple yet incredibly effective and delicious. Here's a big pile of ingredients, which ones do you want? They prepare everything; you just tell them how to assemble it. It pretty much ensures you're going to love whatever you make because they're not slipping in anything you don't care for. It also helps that if you add enough stuff, you can end up with a solid 2-pound food torpedo when you're done. Chipotle wants to make sure you're satisfied.

There are Chipotles all over America, and even into Canada and parts of Europe. The menus are almost identical but you know they're ordering their burritos differently in France than they are in Biloxi. Regional tastes will always define us when it comes to fast food places. In fact, there's so much regional influence in how you eat what you eat, that we bet we can guess where you come from based on your burrito order alone. If you care to test us, all you need to do is take a trip to Chipotle in our quiz here and build your ultimate burrito. When it's ready, we'll guess where you're from. Take the quiz and see!

Before any other question, we need to ask this important one. Are you paying the extra $2 for guacamole?

You can start your burrito the old fashioned way with a flour tortilla or just get it all in a bowl. What's your pleasure?

You need a solid base for your burrito. Do you have a preferred protein?

Just so you know, no one's making you pick only one burrito filling. What would you choose to double down?

Next up in any burrito is the rice choice. Are you adding any?

You clearly need even more protein at this point. Good thing Chipotle has beans! What kind do you want?

You can add some veggies to your burrito now if you want any. Which one do you fancy?

Can you even call this thing a burrito if it has no sauce? Sauce it up! Which of these do you want?

Did you know they'll add some jalapenos if you ask? Interested?

Everything you just put in your burrito can be doubled if you want. Are you ordering extra anything?

We're getting into the super secret stuff now. Would you ever order Ambrosia? That's a sauce made from half sour cream and half hot salsa.

Not to kill the mood here or anything, but is there a topping you absolutely hate at Chipotle?

If you order a bowl and then double everything with two tortillas on the side, you can make two burritos for the price of one. Would you do that?

If that burrito is looking a little too bulky you could order tacos. How many do you want?

The big difference between a burrito and a taco is the tortilla. Crispy or soft?

Any good meal needs a side and Chipotle is giving you chips. The question is, what do you want to dip them in?

The thing about a burrito is it really is a big, filling meal. If you want something less intense, you could always hit up the secret menu and get a quesadilla. How do you like yours?

If you want to go all out Chipotle crazy, take that quesadilla you just ordered and make yourself a quesarito - a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla. Are you down?

If you're looking to snack with some friends, you can order secret menu nachos. That's whatever you'd have in your burrito bowl but on top of chips. What do you want on yours?

You eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth. When you want to add some vibrancy to your burrito, what looks best?

For that peppery kick, Chipotle lives up to its name by offering a variety of peppers in their recipes. Which pepper do you like the most?

You can't make a proper burrito without knowing how to spice the fillings. Which seasoning is adding the best flavor?

The most secret of all secret menu items at Chipotle may be the taco salad because not all of them have the crunchy tortilla bowls. Is it worth asking for?

Speaking of salad, Chipotle offers salads! What'll you have?

You have to be thirsty by now. What do you need to drink?

We know what you're ordering from Chipotle, but when do you want to order it?

Chipotle's website will tell you what's best to order if you're worried about carbs, fat, going vegan and many other things. Is that important to you?

Chipotle has a rewards program that gives you points when you order, plus free chips and guac when you sign up. Would you join?

Let's take a trip to the Chipotle store. What would you order?

Is there anything Chipotle doesn't have that you wish they did have?

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