Brew a Love Potion and We'll Guess Your Harry Potter Soulmate

By: Khadija Leon
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About This Quiz

Love potions are given to people for them to become infatuated or for them to fall in love with the person who gave it to them. While some of them can be used as a harmless joke, others can also be very dangerous, not only because they can ruin pre-existing relationships, but because they can cause a crazy obsession, and in some cases madness in the person who it is given to. 

Have you ever wondered who you would give a love potion to if you were able to make one? Well, first you need to make one. Most love potions contain generic and everyday ingredients that one can find at their local supermarket, but there are also those which require ingredients that are not only very expensive but also very hard and dangerous to acquire. 

Would you like to find out which Harry Potter character is your soulmate? Well, in this quiz, you can make a love potion filled with some basic and very rare ingredients. When you're done, we'll tell you which of the many Harry Potter characters you were meant to be with. If you would like to find out who it is, then you should take this quiz!

Who will you be giving the potion to?

Where did you get the idea for this potion from?

Which of these precious stones will you add to your potion?

How long do you think it will take to make?

How often will you be checking on your potion?

What will you be using to stir it?

How will you be stirring it?

What color is your cauldron?

Which of these spices would you add to it?

How many rose petals will you be adding to it?

Which of these rare ingredients would you add to your potion?

Which of these spices would you add to the mix?

What do you want it to taste like?

Which of these plants would you add a handful of?

Which of these herbs will you be adding to the potion?

You will be adding the essence of which of the following animals?

Which of these gross items will you add to it?

If your potion required an animal sacrifice, would you do it?

Which of these elemental ingredients will you be adding?

To personalize the potion, you will be adding…

Which of these spells will help you to complete your potion?

Where in Hogwarts will you be making this potion?

Which of these existing potions will you name it after?

What will you store the potion in?

Which of these adverse effects would your potion have?

Drinking too much of your potion can cause…

Which of these other potions have you made?

Which character would you ask for help with this potion?

If you decide to give up, where will you go to buy the potion?

If you weren't making a love potion, which of these would you make?

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