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What happens when two nerds try to make the perfect woman? It's time to find out just how well you remember one of the most underrated movies of the 80s!

In which year was Weird Science released?

Weird Science premiered on August 2, 1985.


Who directed Weird Science?

John Hughes died of a heart attack in 2009 at age 59.


The two main male characters were Gary and _______.

Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly were their character names.


Which famous actor played the role of Gary Wallace?

Anthony Michael Hall appeared in both Weird Science and The Breakfast Club in 1985.


Which actor plays the role of Wyatt Donnelly?

Ilan Mitchell-Smith was born in 1969 and has only been in 11 films in his career.


What is the name of the woman that Gary and Wyatt create?

Lisa does not have a last name.


Which actress played the role of Lisa?

Kelly Le Brock's name Lisa as inspired by Apple Computer's first GUI computer, the Apple Lisa.


What is the name of Wyatt's older brother?

Chet is played by actor Bill Paxton.


Which movie inspires the Gary and Wyatt to create Lisa?

Frankenstein was a 1931 classic movie!


While at the mall, what do Ian and Max dump on Gary and Wyatt?

They pour their red slush drinks out onto them from up above. Gary and Wyatt tried to brush it off calmly.


Why do Gary and Wyatt want to create a perfect dream woman?

They think if they boost their popularity, they will catch the attention of the girls at school.


The two girls that Gary and Wyatt are after are Hilly and _______.

Deb is portrayed by actress Suzanne Snyder.


What do Gary and Wyatt attach to the doll before she comes alive?

The electrodes help send electrical power through the doll's body.


What is Lisa wearing when she comes to life?

She is wearing the same clothes that were on the doll.


What does Lisa have?

She uses her secret powers in various ways throughout the movie.


What does Lisa plan for the boys to help loosen them up?

She plans a party at Wyatt's house.


Gary's parents are _____ and Lucy.

Al and Lucy are shocked at some of the things that Lisa says to them!


What does Lisa show to Al and Lucy?

She later alters their memory so they don't remember this!


Lisa's gun was actually ______.

She sprayed Gary in the face with it upon revealing it was just a water gun.


What does Lisa turn Chet into?

She forces him to apologize for his behavior and will turn him back once she knows that Gary and Wyatt are all set.


Who does Lisa freeze?

She needed the party to continue without any disruptions!


Where does Lisa put Wyatt's 'frozen' grandparents?

Seeing them in the cupboard didn't phase Chet when he opened the door, he said hi to them and then shut it again!


Who does Lisa send to the house party to challenge the boys and boost their confidence?

They come riding their bikes right into the house!


Who do the bikers take hostage?

Now it is up to the boys to rescue them and fight off the gang!


What does Gary use to fend off the bikers?

Though it wasn't fake anymore! He fired it off casually after the gang left and it actually shot!


Where do Gary and Wyatt hide during their own party?

They are embarrassed and nervous to be around Deb and Hilly.


After the party, what color is the kitchen?

Chet is completely shocked by the disarray in the house!


What is protruding through the kitchen and bedroom floor the morning after the party?

The boys left the electrodes lying on top of a magazine showing a missile and a real missile was created!


What happens to Wyatt after he tells Hilly that he loves her?

He embraces the water and she giggles at him.


What does Lisa say to the gym class full of young boys at the end of the movie?

They all faint from her beauty!


What happens to Wyatt's house as Lisa says goodbye and disappears?

Thankfully they don't have to do much clean up!


What is the name of the movie's theme song?

Weird Science the song is performed by Oingo Boingo and written by the band's frontman Danny Elfman.


"So, what would you little ________ like to do first?"

This is Lisa's first words to Gary and Wyatt after she is created.


What are Gary and Wyatt wearing on their heads when Lisa comes alive?

"Gary? By the way, why are we wearing bras on our heads?" Gary replies, "Ceremonial."


Which famous actor plays the role of the boys' antagonist Ian?

This was one of Robert Downey Jr's first acting roles!


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