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Test your knowledge about famous people from the U.S.

Which pop singer hit #1 with the song “Livin’ on a Prayer” in the 1980s and continued to produce top 100 albums in the 1990s and 2000s?

John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. (born March 2, 1962) had a poor academic record but was playing clubs by the time he was 16. When he signed with PolyGram, they had him change his name to the less ethnic “Bon Jovi.”


Who wrote the Hunger Games?

Suzanne Marie Collins (born August 10, 1962) began her career as a television writer on shows such as Oswald, Little Bear, and Clarissa Explains It All.


Which actor portrayed Wolverine in the X-Men series?

Hugh Michael Jackman (born October 12, 1968) prepared for his role by watching Dirty Harry and Road Warrior as well as Mike Tyson Fights. Although he had to gain a lot of muscle (he could bench-press over 300 pounds by the fourth film), he was a foot taller than the comic book character (Wolverine was only 5’ 3”) and had to rely on filming tricks to appear shorter.


Bobby Flay has had more than 13 shows and specials on which two networks?

Robert William “Bobby” Flay (born December 10, 1964) dropped out of high school and attended the French Culinary Institute after attracting attention for his natural cooking talent.


Skateboarder Tony Hawk is known by which nickname?

Anthony Frank “The Birdman” Hawk (born May 12, 1968) began winning skating contests at the age of 15 (in 1983). He was the first person to land a “900” (two-and-a-half mid-air skateboard revolutions) and landed his last one at the age of 48.


Who was the first king of Jordan to have only one wife, Queen Rania?

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein (born January 30, 1962) married Rania al-Yassin on June 10, 1993 and has four children with her: Crown Prince Hussein, Princess Iman, Princess Salma, and Prince Hashem.


Which Duck Dynasty entrepreneur tunes the duck calls and invents new ones?

Jason Silas “Jase” Robertson (born August 16, 1969) can make a duck call in two minutes. Although he is the COO of Duck Commander, the family business, he did not expect the reality show to do so well.


Barack Obama was the leader of which country from 2009-2016

Barack Hussein Obama II (born August 4, 1961) began his political career as a Representative and then a Senator in Illinois before being elected President of the United Stated in 2008 and again in 2012.


The comedian Carrot Top relies on what to perform most of his jokes?

Scott Thompson “Carrot Top” (born February 25, 1965) was originally a thin comedian doing the college circuit. However, he became a bodybuilder and now does shows in Las Vegas.


Who broke Lou Gehrig’s record for most consecutive games played (baseball)?

Calvin Edwin “Cal” Ripken, Jr., (born August 24, 1960) broke Lou Gehrig’s record by playing 2,632 consecutive games. He held the record for most home runs by a shortstop (345) and most double plays by a shortstop in the American League (1,682).


Who played Wayne Campbell in several Saturday Night Live skits and movies based on that character?

Michael John Myers (born May 25, 1963) won several MTV Movie Awards for his portrayal of Wayne Campbell in the movie Wayne’s World.


What is the name of the Google advertising guru, developer of AdSense, and CEO of YouTube?

Susan Diane Wojciciki (born July 5, 1968) was named one of Time’s most influential people in 2015 and considered by some to be “the most important person in digital advertising.”


The singer known as “Bono” is a part of which rock group?

Paul David Hewson (born May 10, 1960) joined a band without being able to play guitar or have any formal music training. The band went through several reinventions and eventually became U2, a name chosen for its ambiguity.


Which of the following books by Nicholas Sparks was not made into a movie?

Nicholas Charles Sparks (born December 31, 1965) published two non-fiction books and eighteen novels. Although eleven were adapted into film, The Rescue was not one of them.


Which singer signed with the San Diego Padres and New York Mets?

Troyal Garth Brooks (born Februay 7, 1962) created six albums that went diamond status in the United States and won several awards including 2 Grammy Awards.


In which movie did basketball player Michael Jordan star with a cartoon character?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) was the spokesperson for many products from Wheaties to Nike. It was a commercial for Nike that involved him and Bugs Bunny, which became the inspiration for Space Jam.


Which of the original five “Supermodels” is known for a mole just above her lip?

Cynthia Ann Crawford (born February 20,1966) received a scholarship for chemical engineering at Northwestern University, but she only attended one quarter before dropping out to pursue her modeling career. Her mole had been photoshopped out of earlier pictures but eventually became her trademark.


Who served as both the 3rd President of Russia and then the Russian Prime Minister?

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev (born September 14, 1965) began his career as a campaign manager for Vladimir Putin and his bid for presidency was backed by Putin as well. He focused his presidency on modernizing Russia.


Rakesh Jhunjhunwala made most of his money doing what?

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala (born July 5, 1960) initially followed in his father’s footsteps and enrolled at the Institute of Chartered Accountants before becoming an investment broker and trader.


Which actor began his/her career as a martial artist?

Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg (born October 18, 1960) or Jean-Claude Van Damme as he is known was originally from Belgium and began training at the National Center for Karate when he was 12, which earned him a spot on the national team by the time he was 16.


Who wrote the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series?

Richard Russell Riordan, Jr. (born June 5, 1964) was originally a teacher in Texas who got the idea for Percy Jackson from his son who had ADHD and dyslexia.


Daryl Hannah was a “replicant” in which film?

Daryl Christine Hannah (born December 3, 1960) was diagnosed with mild Autism as a child, but it hasn’t stopped her from performing memorable roles such as the replicant, Pris, in Blade Runner.


Which Cowboys quarterback secured 3 Super Bowl rings for the team?

Troy Kenneth Aikman (born November 21, 1966) played for Oklahoma and UCLA before being drafted to the Dallas Cowboys. His career record of winning 90 games in a decade was only recently broken by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.


Which song by Coolio hit #1 for 3 weeks and was one of the most successful rap songs of all time?

Artis Leon “Coolio” Ivey, Jr., (born August 1, 1963) made “Gangsta’s Paradise” for the movie Dangerous Minds in 1995.


Who became one of Great Britain’s youngest Prime Ministers at the age of 43?

David William Donald Cameron (born October 9, 1966) led Britain through difficult times, but resigned July 13, 2016 after the vote favoring a British exit from the EU passed despite Cameron’s efforts to prevent it.


Hermoine Granger, Neville Longbottom, and Professor Dumbledore are characters created by which author?

Joanne “J. K.” Rowling (born July 31, 1965) finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone using a manual typewriter when she was living on welfare in Scotland. Although only 1500 copies were initially printed, it went on to become a bestseller.


Which artist illustrates comic books (notably The Sandman)?

Jill Thompson (born November 20, 1966) illustrates comic books, such as The Sandman, and created the Scary Godmother character.


Which son of a president died in a plane wreck?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr., (November 25, 1960 – July 16, 1999) saluted his father’s casket at the age of 3 and died in a plane he was piloting at the age of 38 just off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.


Which video game carried Mike Tyson’s name on it?

Michael Gerard Tyson (born June 30, 1966) won 50 of his 58 professional matches, and Nintendo chose him to be the final “end boss” of the 1987 version of Punch-Out.


Paula Abdul was a cheerleader for which professional team at the age of 18?

Paula Julie Abdul (June 19, 1962) was an avid dancer selected from a pool of 700 to be a cheerleader for the Lakers. She became the head choreographer within a year and went on to choreograph music videos before becoming a pop star herself.


The current king of Spain is Felipe ____?

Felipe (Philip) VI (born January 30, 1968) assumed the throne June 14, 2014. The previous Felipe (Felipe V) ruled Spain during the 17th Century.


Who is best known for creating the Pokemon franchise?

Satoshi Tajiri (born August 28, 1965) created Pokemon when he wanted a game that would resemble his hobby- insect collecting.


Which book was written by former doctor Khaled Hosseini?

Khaled Hosseini (born March 4, 1965) grew up in Afghanistan and immigrated to the United States during the Soviet war that occurred there. He was a practicing doctor for 10 years before publishing The Kite Runner.


Which television commentator is known for his work on Top Gear?

Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson (born April 11, 1960) was well known for his outspoken attitude as a commentator on cars for Top Gear.


Who is known for making disjointed films that aestheticize violence?

Quentin Jerome Tarantino (born March 27, 1963) is known for movies such as Reservoir Dogs, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, and Kill Bill, which tend to use gratuitous violence and gore as part of their design.


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