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Your friendly neighborhood serial killer is back! How much do you remember about Dexter Morgan from the hit television series, Dexter?

Dexter Morgan leads a secret life as what?

Although he appears to lead a perfectly normal life during the day, Dexter Morgan is secretly a serial killer at night.


The majority of the series takes place in which city?

The events in the TV series “Dexter” take place in Miami, Florida. However, many of the scenes in the series were filmed in Long Beach, California.


Dexter Morgan selects specific people to meet an unfortunate demise. What type of person does he target?

Dexter has developed a code of morality for his habit to murder people. The selection of his victims is based on the verification of their guilt.


What is Dexter’s profession?

Dexter works for Miami Metro Police Department in the Homicide Department. His main role in homicide is a blood spatter analyst, and is responsible for examining blood that is left behind at crime scenes.


What is the name of Dexter’s boat?

Dexter’s boat, The Slice of Life, is a fishing boat that he frequently takes out to the bay.


What does Dexter use to build his “kill rooms” and eliminate evidence of his murders?

Dexter had a system for keeping his kill site clean. Plastic sheets did the job of keeping blood contained for an easier clean-up. He would buy enough plastic sheets to cover the entire room, leaving no room for error or evidence left behind.


Before killing his victims, Dexter took what from his victims?

Dexter takes a sample of blood from each of his victims before killing them. He places the drop of blood on a plastic blood slide for storage. The blood slides become Dexter’s “trophy” for each kill.


Where does Dexter keep his box of blood slides?

Dexter stores his blood slides in a wooden box, which is hidden inside the air conditioner unit in his apartment.


What is the relationship between Dexter and Debra?

Although not related by blood, Debra and Dexter grew up together as brother and sister. Dexter was adopted at a young age and raised by Harry Morgan, their father.


Which member of the Miami Metro homicide team is always suspicious of Dexter?

Sergeant James Doakes has never liked Dexter. By the way Dexter acts and talks, Doakes suspects Dexter is hiding something.


Dexter has a nickname for his murderous side. What does he call it?

Dexter frequently refers to his craving and need to kill as the dark passenger.


What is the name of Dexter’s girlfriend?

Dexter is dating Rita because it’s “what normal people do” and he wants to blend in to remove any suspicions of his dark passenger.


What is the nickname of the serial killer in season 1 responsible for murdering prostitutes and leaving the remains completely drained of blood?

Brian Moser, “The Ice Truck Killer,” is actually Dexter’s biological brother. Brian is also a serial killer, but doesn’t adhere to a “code” like Dexter.


How did Dexter and Debra’s father Harry die?

Early in the series, Dexter believes Harry died from arteriosclerosis, a common heart disease. However, he later finds out that Harry committed suicide because he couldn’t live with the fact that he created a monster in Dexter.


Where does Dexter dispose of his victims’ bodies?

Dexter takes his victims’ bodies, chopped in trash bags, out to Bay Harbor on his boat. He dumps them in the bay, but they only remain hidden there for so long.


Rita accuses Dexter of doing what in his spare time?

Rita’s ex-husband is currently in jail for his addiction to heroin. Fearing Dexter is doing the same, he is forced to attend Narcotics Anonymous to kick the habit. The excuse provides Dexter with the perfect alibi.


After discovering the bodies at the bottom of Bay Harbor, the investigation team gives the “unknown” murderer what nickname?

Since the bodies were discovered at the bottom of Bay Harbor, and the bodies were all neatly chopped into separate trash bags, the nickname given was the Bay Harbor Butcher.


Who does Dexter meet at Narcotics Anonymous that becomes obsessed with him?

Lila is Dexter’s sponsor in Narcotics Anonymous. However, she becomes romantically obsessed with him, straining the relationship with his current girlfriend, Rita.


Who is the first person in the homicide department to discover Dexter’s secret of being a murderer?

Doakes discovers Dexter’s secret after his suspicions were further confirmed after making a connection between Dexter and Brian Moser. Doakes broke into Dexter’s apartment and found the blood slides.


Where does Dexter corner Sgt. Doakes?

Doakes follows Dexter to the cabin where he is about to kill another victim. Dexter subdues him and keeps him in a cell inside the cabin. Dexter admits to Doakes that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher.


How does Sgt. Doakes die?

Lila was also tracking Dexter’s whereabouts, leading her to the cabin where Doakes is being held. She opens the propane tank and lights the stove, which eventually blows up the entire cabin, killing Doakes.


What is the name of the drug dealer Dexter is tracking in season 3?

Freebo is a murderous drug lord, and Dexter has been tracking him to become a new victim for his table.


After finding Freebo, who does Dexter kill instead in self defense?

Claiming self defense, Dexter kills Oscar Prado, after getting into a fight with him. Dexter feels guilty because it is the first person he has killed without first vetting the victim’s guilt.


What is the job title of Miguel Prado, Oscar Prado’s brother?

Miguel “discovers” Dexter’s secret, after tracking Freebo and finding out Dexter killed him. Thinking Freebo was responsible for his brother’s death, he thanks Dexter and encourages him to continue eliminating the murderers that escaped the law. He and Dexter become good friends.


Who joins the Miami Metro homicide team and later also becomes suspicious of Dexter’s secret?

Joey Quinn joins the force. After some time he becomes romantically involved with Debra. However, he has his suspicions about Dexter.


What does Miguel do that worries Dexter?

Dexter finds out that Miguel has murdered Ellen Wolf, and old adversary of Miguel. Dexter figures he needs to stop Miguel before he kills again.


After finding out that Rita is pregnant, what does Dexter do?

Dexter proposes to Rita, figuring that settling down for a domestic life is what normal people do. This would help keep suspicions of his secret away.


What is Dexter’s son’s name?

Dexter names his son Harrison, in honor of his father.


Dexter tracks another victim, named Arthur Mitchell. What is Arthur’s nickname at Miami Metro?

Arthur has a pattern of killing, a cycle which includes three victims, before he starts the killing pattern over again. However, Dexter discovers there is a fourth victim in each of Arthur’s murderous cycles.


What name does Dexter use as an alias to introduce himself to Arthur?

As Kyle Butler, Dexter befriends Arthur and becomes closer to him. He admires Arthur’s ability to balance his family and work life with his killings. At the same time, he is gathering evidence to bring Arthur closer to being his victim.


What does Arthur do as Dexter closes in on his victim?

Dexter’s cover is blown and Arthur finds out where he lives and works. Dexter eventually captures Arthur and kills him, but he comes home to find out that Arthur killed Rita.


Professor James Gellar and his student Travis Marshall are a pair of murderers with what nickname given by Miami Metro?

James Gellar (who later is known to be dead) and Travis Marshall commit a string of murders that resemble prophecies of the end of the world.


What does Debra find when she enters the church, unannounced?

Debra stumbles upon Dexter, in the middle of his killing ritual. The person on his table is Travis Marshall.


Who does Debra kill in order to protect Dexter?

LeGuerta discovers Dexter’s secret. Dexter is willing to turn himself in, but out of instinct, Debra shoots LeGuerta instead.


Who does Dexter leave Harrison with?

Hannah was responsible for several murders but got off without charges. She nearly became one of Dexter’s victims, however, Dexter became romantically involved with her. After Debra died, Dexter left Harrison with her and then faked his death to start a new life.


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