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Films about real-life heroes or public figures -- such as Abraham Lincoln -- may provide contemporary audiences insights into the person’s life and politics. Think you know enough about the film featuring Honest Abe? Take this quiz and find out!

During Lincoln’s presidency, America was experiencing this kind of war.

The Civil War began in 1861, the same year Lincoln became president. It ended in 1865, the same year his presidency also ended.


"Lincoln" was directed by this American filmmaker.

Steven Spielberg has a knack for turning films about real-life people into box-office hits. "Lincoln" was a commercial and a critical success, much like his "Schindler's List" film.


Before it was a film, Lincoln’s material was based on this kind of media.

The story of Lincoln was derived from a biography written by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It was said that Spielberg already wanted to film it, even before the author finished writing the book.


"Lincoln" is about the few months on the tail end of the life of Abraham Lincoln. What political position did he hold?

Abraham Lincoln was one of the most popular US presidents in history. He became the 16th president in 1861.


Aside from being a biographical film, "Lincoln" is also considered as this type of movie, mostly because of its material.

"Lincoln" is considered a biographical film, since it focused on the life of a real person. But because the person has historical significance, it is also classified as a historical drama film.


Who portrayed Abraham Lincoln in this film?

Daniel Day-Lewis is a British actor. But he also has Irish citizenship.


Daniel Day-Lewis won an Academy Award for portraying the role of Lincoln in this film. In which category did he win?

Daniel Day-Lewis won the Best Actor award for portraying Lincoln. The 2012 film was honored at the 85th Academy Awards in 2013.


Daniel Day-Lewis’ Best Actor Oscar for "Lincoln" was very historic, because of this rare feat.

Though nominated in the Best Actor category for more than three times, Day-Lewis broke a record by winning a third time for Lincoln. He had previously won for "My Left Foot" and "There Will be Blood."


"Lincoln" focused mainly on the last months of his life. How did Lincoln die?

President Lincoln’s term was cut short when he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.


Lincoln was assassinated inside this kind of place.

Lincoln was inside Ford's Theater, watching a play, when he was assassinated.


The film’s story mainly focused on the lobbying and passage of this amendment.

It was very important for Lincoln to have the Thirteenth Amendment passed before the Civil War ended. It was to become his legacy.


The Thirteenth Amendment refers to a proposed change to this very important document.

The US Constitution is the ultimate record of laws that govern the country. While imperfect in its institution, US politicians were able to amend some of its questionable and outdated articles.


The proposed Thirteenth Amendment sought to do this in America.

The Thirteenth Amendment aimed to abolish slavery in the US. This is part of Lincoln’s legacy as president.


Prior to having the Thirteenth Amendment passed, Lincoln had already made a proposal to abolish slavery. What was it called?

The Emancipation Proclamation was successful at releasing some slaves during the Civil War. But Lincoln wanted a bigger reassurance that slavery would not return once the war was over.


These two political parties were debating the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment.

US politics were always divided into parties. The party system dictated how laws could be voted on or amended.


Within the Republican Party, this breakaway sub-group was rooting for the Thirteenth Amendment.

During the mid-1800s, disagreements existed within the Republican Party. The more liberal of the lot were called Radical Republicans, while the more conservative were called the Moderate Republicans.


Lincoln was relying on the influence of Francis Preston Blair over some politicians for the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. Blair was an important founder of this party.

Blair was originally a member of the Democratic Party. However, he became disillusioned with the party’s ideals and members, so he co-founded the Republican Party instead.


Aside from being an influential Republican, Francis Preston Blair also served President Lincoln in this capacity.

Lincoln trusted Blair during the Civil War era. Blair acted as the presidential advisor during this tumultuous time.


Who portrayed Francis Preston Blair?

Hal Holbrook acted onstage before becoming a film and TV actor. He also portrayed the role of Abraham Lincoln in a TV series.


What was the name of President Lincoln’s First Lady?

Originally from Kentucky, Mary Todd Lincoln moved to Illinois where she settled with Abraham Lincoln. She was 10 years his junior.


Who portrayed Mary Todd Lincoln?

Sally Field is a highly honored American actress. She is adept at both dramatic and comedic roles.


The Lincolns had four sons, but this son had a more prominent role in the film.

Robert Todd Lincoln was Abraham and Mary's oldest son. He had three younger brothers, but all of them died before him.


Robert Lincoln left law school to take up a more active role during the Civil War. In which Ivy League university did he study?

Robert Lincoln graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy before going to Harvard Law School. After the president’s assassination, he also led a life in politics.


Who portrayed Robert Todd Lincoln?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt played Robert Todd Lincoln in the 2012 film. That same year, he also starred in "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Looper."


Lincoln worked closely with William Seward in trying to persuade the Democrats to vote for the Thirteenth Amendment. What was Seward’s position?

William Seward was the Secretary of State during Lincoln's presidency. The Secretary of State is usually nominated by the president.


Lincoln and Seward were toying with the idea of giving this type of “bribe” to the Democrats to pass the amendment.

It’s not proper for “Honest Abe” to bribe! But they did offer jobs "secretly" to Democrats who were willing to back them up in the voting.


This Radical Republican was an important voice during the congressional voting for the Thirteenth Amendment.

Thaddeus Stevens was very liberal about his views opposing slavery. He was, in fact, more liberal than Lincoln in some aspects.


Who portrayed Congressman Thaddeus Stevens?

Tommy Lee Jones portrayed racial equality Congressman Thaddeus Stevens. His snarky facial expression helped to portray the duality of his character’s abolitionist nuances.


Thaddeus Stevens was an advocate for racial equality since he had this person as a lover.

Stevens had a light-skinned African-American woman as his housekeeper. A scene in the movie shows them going to bed together as lovers.


Lincoln also worked closely with this famous general during the Civil War.

Ulysses S. Grant commanded the US Army during the Civil War. He eventually became a US President.


British actor Jared Harris portrayed Ulysses S. Grant. But he became more popular for portraying Lane Pryce on this TV series.

"Mad Men" was a critically-acclaimed TV series about the advertising industry. Jared Harris portrayed one of the advertising executives during the 1960s in New York City.


The Thirteenth Amendment eventually passed, but it only won by this number of votes.

The Thirteenth Amendment vote was very critical and controversial. Only two votes clinched the victory, to Lincoln’s delight.


The end of the movie goes back in time -- before Lincoln's assassination -- to show him speaking in front of a crowd. What speech was he delivering?

The ending of the film showed Lincoln delivering his inaugural address as he began his second term of office as president, less than two months prior to his assassination.


Who wrote the screenplay?

Even though Tony Kushner is the film's writer, he is more active as a playwright. He has garnered prestigious awards for the stage plays he has written.


The film also won an Academy Award for this category, a testament to its being a good period film.

Lincoln captured the authentic look and feel of 1800s America. The Oscar went to production designers Rick Carter and Jim Erickson.


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