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The 1992 smash hit, "The Bodyguard," features an interesting mix of mystery, love story, and celebrity — all played to the tune of a great pop soundtrack. Crown yourself as the Queen of the Night if you can score high with our "The Bodyguard" throwback quiz!

"The Bodyguard" is about this kind of person being guarded closely.

It’s now common for the hottest celebrities in Hollywood to hire a close bodyguard to keep them safe. Oh, the down side of popularity…


Which Hollywood leading man played Frank Farmer, the bodyguard in this film?

Kevin Costner channels another Hollywood heartthrob, Steve McQueen, in portraying Frank Farmer. McQueen was one of the first to be considered for the role when it first got pitched, years before the film was made in the '90s.


Which real-life pop star-actress played Rachel Marron, the fictional pop star being guarded in the film?

Music diva Whitney Houston tried her hand at acting for the first time as Rachel Marron. She went on to act in some other notable films.


Why is superstar Rachel Marron required to have an extra bodyguard?

Deranged fans or haters can take it up a notch by sending death threats to their celebrity of choice. The down side of stardom is dark indeed…


Rachel’s initial death threats were communicated to her in which format?

Like a true stalker, Rachel’s hater sends hate letters to her. This evidence could later be analyzed.


Rachel got scared when she received a death threat in this closer proximity format.

Getting death threats via letters is one thing. But hearing your stalker via a phone call is just too close for comfort.


A typical Hollywood celebrity would have someone like Sy Spector who is always beside Rachel Marron in the public sphere. What is Sy’s celebrity-related job?

Publicist Sy Spector doesn’t care about the reality of Rachel’s life as long as she retains her star status in public.


Aside from having a publicist, Rachel Marron also has someone who works within her life, both in the private and public sphere, like Bill Devaney. What is Bill’s job?

Bill is Rachel’s manager. Unlike the publicist, he is genuinely concerned about both the personal and public life of a celebrity.


Rachel Marron’s manager, Bill, wanted to hire Frank Farmer as her bodyguard because of his excellent track record in the past. In which government agency did Frank work?

Frank is a former US Secret Service agent. Those folks are trained very well to guard the most important people in America.


It’s the ‘90s and bodyguard Frank Farmer is still hung up on an assassination attempt that happened to a US president during the ‘80s, because he wasn’t at work that day. Which US president was this?

The real-life assassination attempt on US President Ronald Reagan in 1981 was used as a back story for Frank.


Frank Farmer is apparently good at turning this ordinary kitchen item into a deadly weapon, to the surprise of Rachel’s original security guy, Tony. Which item is this?

A simple knife in the hands of a former Secret Service agent is a deadly weapon. Frank knows how to throw them properly, and where to hit!


Frank needed someone from Rachel Marron’s inner circle as his informal assistant. Whom did he pick?

Henry was more than happy to be Frank’s informal assistant inside the house. He even got cool lessons on how to drive under stressful circumstances.


Rachel Marron gets death threats and bombs hidden inside things. In what kind of small item was the first bomb hidden?

A celebrity gets many trinkets and gifts from adoring fans. So disguising a bomb as a doll would certainly get bypassed.


When Frank brought Rachel and company to hide in his dad’s house, what did Rachel’s stalker rig with a bomb there?

A boat which Frank used was later rigged with a bomb. It’s now clear that Rachel’s hater means business!


Frank gave Rachel a small item with a panic button which she could press if she needed his protection. What kind of small item is this?

A brooch-like pendant of sorts, in the form of an ornate crucifix, is what Frank gives his clients as a panic button to reach him.


Whitney Houston’s rendition of “I Will Always ___ You” is sung at the end by her character. What is she singing about?

“I Will Always Love You” broke many music records at the time of its release. The film’s popularity soared partly because of the song.


Rachel Marron has a hit film, and she was nominated for Best Actress for it. What award-giving body gave her this nomination?

Rachel is set to appear at the Academy Awards ceremonies because she was nominated for Best Actress. It’s indeed her time to shine.


Rachel Marron’s sister, Nicki, also had musical roots. What kind of roots were these, which paved the way for Rachel?

It was Rachel’s big sister, Nicki, who formed a musical band when they were younger, hoping to get into the business. She recruited Rachel to be in the band, which was later overshadowed by Rachel’s talent.


Aside from her sister Nicki, Rachel Marron also lives with this other relative in her house. Who is this relative?

Fletcher is Rachel's 8-year old son.


In which US city was Rachel performing when she received a death threat via a phone call?

Rachel’s entourage is in Miami for some music engagements. Life on the road can be happy, if not for the occasional deranged hater phone call...


Frank’s Secret Service buddies teased him that ____ and showbiz are somewhat the same these days.

"Politics and showbiz are the same thing,” according to Frank’s Secret Service pals. Intrigues and insights-wise, yes, they’re correct!


Since Rachel is closely guarded, she asked Frank to do this with her.

Rachel asked Frank if he would go on a date with her, given her security problem.


When Frank and Rachel went out on a date, what did they do first?

Frank brought Rachel to see a Japanese film for their date. Not a bad move!


Rachel first heard the song “I Will Always Love You” when she and Frank went inside a diner. What kind of song did she say it was, genre-wise?

“I Will Always Love You” is indeed a cowboy song since this country music hit was made popular by Dolly Parton in the ‘70s.


Frank distanced himself personally from Rachel after their date, because they did this together.

It was indeed an unprofessional move for a bodyguard to have sex with a client. But if the celebrity insisted it… yeah, it’s tricky.


Why was Frank Farmer absent from his former Secret Service duty the day President Reagan got shot?

Frank's dad revealed that they were at Frank’s mom’s funeral the day when Reagan was shot. The president survived, but Frank can’t shake it off his conscience.


Frank brought Rachel to see a Japanese movie. He also has this Japanese memorabilia in his room. What kind of item is it?

Frank is a fan of Japanese culture. Rachel saw a samurai sword display in his quarters, but it’s really an authentic sharp model.


Rachel Marron held an advocacy-related benefit show to raise money in Miami. What kind of advocacy was it?

The Miami musical gig is an AIDS charity benefit. The benefit charged $1,000 per plate.


Frank had a hard time dealing with Rachel at first because, as she said, she had a reputation for being this.

Rachel apparently developed a reputation for being a b*tch. Even if she wasn’t truly like that, she played the part.


Rachel got mad at Frank’s super-strict security details because she said his ways made her feel this way.

Rachel accused Frank of turning her into a paranoid person that gets scared easily. Yes, it does hamper one’s mobility if you’re that way.


It turns out that Frank knew the man hired killer paid to kill Rachel. Who was it?

Greg Foreman was a former Secret Service agent hired by an anonymous client to kill Rachel.


During his younger years, Frank Farmer was an athlete who played this all-American sport.

Frank had a photo of himself in a football uniform, a remembrance of his youth. That’s why he’s tough and knows how to tackle well.


Frank Farmer got taunted by diva-mode Rachel one night for drinking only this kind of beverage. What kind of drink was it?

Frank doesn’t drink on the job, so he has orange juice. But when push came to shove, he later on spiked that juice.


The hired killer eventually planned to gun down Rachel at the Oscar Awards. What disguise did he use to be let inside the venue?

Greg Foreman dressed as a cameraman. He planned to use his prop camera to hide a gun to kill Rachel.


Who ordered the hit on Rachel Marron?

Nicki appears to be a caring sister, but she’s full of jealousy when it comes to Rachel’s career, which could have been hers.


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