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Just when he seems too old for the game, a loner baseball player, Roy Hobbs, shows up in the dugout to save the NY Knights from another losing season. His magic bat and determination win over more than the team.

As a boy, Roy Hobbs' father gives him some advice. What is it?

Roy's father helps him practice and instills the idea that hard work needs to go along with his talents. It is this drive to succeed that sustains him later in life.


At what position does Roy Hobbs excel as a young ball player?

Hobbs practices his pitching accuracy by hitting targets his father draws with chalk on the side of a barn. He blazes a hole through the side of the barn.


Which team's pennant is NOT on Hobbs' bedroom wall when he was a boy?

The night of the lightning storm, brief flashes of the pennants are shown.


Before a young Hobbs heads to Chicago with dreams of playing baseball, he meets with Iris. What does he tell her?

Iris is his childhood sweetheart. They spend their last night together in the barn, rolling in the hay.


Who is Sam Simpson?

Sam boldly brags about Hobbs to Max Mercy, and provokes the showdown that showcases Roy's talent. When he and Max wager, he says, "It's your funeral."


Who is the well-known ball player character the young Hobbs meets on the train to Chicago and later strikes out at a train stop?

"The Whammer" has a physical resemblance to Babe Ruth, and similar power. He is shamed when Hobbs easily strikes him out on three pitches in front of an adoring crowd, near a local fair.


Robert Duvall plays Max Mercy, a sports reporter and cartoonist. For what newspaper does he write?

Max takes an interest in Hobbs when he witnesses him strike out "The Whammer." He later recognizes him when he plays ball for the Knights.


What does the woman in black (Harriet) ask Hobbs just before she shoots him in the hotel?

She doesn't wait for a response. It is later discovered that she committed suicide. She had been a serial killer who murdered talented athletes.


What number did Roy Hobbs wear?

Hobbs discusses the number choice with the equipment manager who steers him away from 11 because he says it's an unlucky number. Number 9 is the second choice.


When "Pop" Fisher is introduced as the manager of the Knights, what does he say he should have been instead?

This is brought up more than once in the film. Hobbs later tells him his own father wanted him to be a baseball player.


What does Pop say when he first meets Hobbs?

Pops is in disbelief over Hobbs' age. He feels he is a charity case.


For what semi-pro team did Hobbs play before the Knights?

Hobbs only played two weeks with the team. That was his only experience before he was spotted by a scout and given a $500 contract to play with the Knights.


What does Roy Hobbs name his bat?

The bat was made from a tree that was struck by lightning when Hobbs was younger. His father died under the same tree.


How many years pass between Hobbs' departure from home as a young man and signing the contract with the Knights?

He would have been in his mid-30s when he started in the majors. One of the younger ballplayers calls him "Grandpa."


Superstition is common among ball players. Which one of these is NOT revealed in the film?

Pops actually complains about the dugout's fountain, which provides only brown water. Baseball players and managers are known to be superstitious.


Red asks Hobbs where he is from. What is his response?

Hobbs is evasive about his background and history. Eventually the details of his life come out.


Who says, "I'd give my right arm to get him the pennant"?

Red is the assistant manager (played by Richard Farnsworth). He knows how much baseball means to Pop. He also tells Hobbs about the deal that was made between the Judge and Pop. If Pop doesn't win the pennant, he loses his share in the team.


When the Knights continue their losing ways, a speaker is brought in to motivate the team. How does he repeatedly begin each talk?

Hobbs walked out of one of these speeches, which angered Pop. Hobbs was not given the opportunity to play and the frustration showed.


When Hobbs is ready to be sent down to the minors, what convinces Pop to keep him?

Pop likes Hobbs' determination. He invites him to batting practice, even though Hobbs says he has been there every day.


How does Hobbs finally get a permanent position in right field?

Bump Bailey, the regular right fielder, runs through an outfield wall and dies. His ashes are scattered over Knights Field from an airplane.


Where does Hobbs meet Iris for the first time after he's been with the Knights?

Iris is "the woman in white" (his childhood sweetheart) in the stands at the game in Chicago that seems to pull Hobbs out of his batting slump. He later sits down with her in a soda shop to briefly to catch up after she sent him a note. He tells her, "Life didn't turn out the way I expected."


Kim Basinger's character serves as a distraction to Hobbs and she tries to interfere with his winning ways. What was her name?

Memo is Pop's niece. She is also a pawn for Gus Sands who uses her to his advantage to control some of the ball players, including Hobbs.


When Iris meets Hobbs for a second time in Chicago after a game, she invites Roy to her place. What is NOT said during their conversation?

When Hobbs spots a baseball glove, Iris confesses she has a son. She seems like she wants to say more, but shoos him away instead.


Where is Hobbs when he is sent to a hospital?

Memo poisoned him at a party so he would be unable to play in the game against the Pirates. His old gun wound from 16 years earlier is threatening his life.


Which quote is NOT said in the movie?

Hobbs comments on mistakes; Gus suggests the favor; Iris makes the hopeful comment about second chances.


How much money does the judge offer to bribe Roy to sit out the game after his hospitalization?

The Judge needs an insurance policy on Hobbs to assure he keeps ownership of the ball club. He leaves the envelope of cash with Hobbs in the hospital.


There are many shots in the film that show the ads on the outfield wall of Knights Field. Which one does NOT appear?

Although Oscar Mayer had a butcher shop in Chicago starting in 1883, his ad does not appear on the outfield wall. Sears Roebuck is featured on the scoreboard.


What does the Judge use to try to blackmail Hobbs?

A photo of Hobbs on the ground after he had been shot, and one of Harriet after she shot herself, are shown. Max Mercy also has these photos and later asks Iris about them, but she ignores him.


In the final game of the movie, what team are the Knights playing and what is at stake?

Pop mentioned early in the film he hated losing to the Pirates. Red mentions all Pop wanted to do was win the pennant.


Hobbs has an opportunity to win the game against Pittsburgh. He hits a home run with the bat boy's bat. What is the bat known as?

It's a bat that Hobbs and bat boy, Bobby Savoy, made together. Savoy had earlier asked Hobbs if he could show him how to make a bat like "Wonderboy."


Slow motion is used throughout the movie to emphasize a poignant moment. What is the last slow motion scene?

There is an overlapping of the celebration scene after Hobbs hits a home run against the Pirates and a scene of him playing catch with his son.


Who composed the music for the movie?

Newman is known for his many compositions, including scores for the "Toy Story" movies, "Monsters, Inc.," and "Cars." He had a pop hit single in the 1970s called "Short People."


Which actor chose to go uncredited?

McGavin played Gus Sands, a bookie who stands to make a great deal of money betting against Hobbs and engaging in blackmail. Negotiations on his contract would have held up filming, so McGavin agreed to proceed without being credited on the film.


What former old-timer ball player served as a consultant and also had a bit part in the movie?

Sibby Sisti, a Buffalo native, was a utility player for the Boston Braves (1939-1952) and Milwaukee Braves (1953-1954). At the end of the movie, he was the manager for the opposing team (Pirates).


In what city were the ball playing scenes filmed?

Buffalo was selected because of its authentic 1930's-looking baseball stadium (War Memorial Stadium) where many teams had played. It has since been replaced by Pilot Field.


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