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The first two Back to the Future movies took us from the 1980s back to the 1950s, then forward to the 2010s. The third installment took us further back into the past. Think you know enough about this third film? Take this quiz and find out!

To tie up the BTTFII and BTTFIII stories, the second film mentioned that Doc was transported back to what earlier year?

Just when Doc disappears, Marty immediately gets word of Doc’s whereabouts. The same scene that starts the third movie, ended the second movie.


As Marty gets stuck alone in 1955, he runs to help 1955 Doc and finds him where?

1955 Doc is in the clock tower, busy sending Marty back to 1985. Imagine his surprise upon seeing Marty back so soon!


Marty brought what futuristic item with him to 1985 and now to 1885, which proves to be a helpful tool for his adventures?

After Marty’s encounter with Griff in 2015, he just took the hoverboard with him. It was very helpful when he escaped from Biff in 1955 and it will be very helpful in 1885 as well.


How does Marty discover that the present Doc got transported to 1885?

Immediately upon the Doc’s disappearance, a letter is delivered to Marty where he stands. The letter contains Doc’s detailed instructions for repairing the DeLorean.


Which communication company delivers the 70-plus year-old letter to Marty in 1955?

Western Union was established way back in 1851. Therefore, the film’s authenticity about this courier service’s existence in 1885 was spot on.


The 1985 Doc has a dog, named what?

Einstein was first seen in the first BTTF film. It is Marty’s friendly duty to feed him sometimes.


The 1955 Doc has a different dog, though. What is his name?

Clearly, Doc loves dogs. And he also loves naming them after scientists like himself.


Who is Doc's favorite sci-fi author?

Doc later falls in love with someone who also likes Jules Verne’s works. In fact, they name their kids after the author.


In 1955, what do Doc and Marty discover happened to the 1885 Doc?

Doc and Marty chance upon this information of Doc's 1885 death as they both try to repair the DeLorean. But instead of going back to 1985 as instructed, he changes this plan bigtime.


Marty decides to go back to this era so he could rescue Doc?

Hill Valley in the 1800s turns out to be an Old Western type of settlement. Doc and Marty did some research prior to the trip.


Doc always gets frustrated that Marty doesn’t “think in” what number dimension?

A scientist can think beyond the normal dimensions of the first and second levels. Thinking in the third dimension may not be enough for time travel, though, so Doc requires fourth-dimension thinking.


Upon time traveling to the Old West, who does Marty first encounter?

Marty lands right smack in a desert, where American Indians are riding horses. They are being pursued by the US Cavalry.


The 1985 Doc now lives in the Old West, with what occupation?

In his letter to Marty in 1955, Doc mentions that he is happily making a life in 1885. Being a blacksmith requires him to be a scientist of sorts.


Marty accidentally discovers his ancestors when he runs into what territory?

Marty runs away from a bear he encounters in a cave. He accidentally knocks himself out on the fence of what turns out to be the McFly Farm.


Marty encounters which maternal ancestor at the McFly farm?

Lea Thompson still plays the maternal McFly character in this Old West version. She plays Maggie with a thick Irish accent.


Hiding his real identity, Marty introduces himself by what name?

Before flying off from 1955, Doc dressed Marty to blend in with the old west. His inspiration was Clint Eastwood, so it stuck with Marty, too.


Marty also meets which eldest male ancestor at the McFly farm?

Seamus McFly is Marty’s great-great-grandfather. It turns out that he had a brother named Martin, who died earlier.


Seamus and Maggie McFly have a baby named William, said to be what kind of McFly?

William is Marty’s great-grandfather - the first McFly born in America. They bond together well.


Marty encounters which of Biff’s ancestors in the Old West?

Buford is Biff’s great-grandfather. He is still played by Thomas F. Wilson.


Buford Tannen has what nickname, which he despises?

It is mentioned that he drools a lot when he gets mad, and his anger is monumental. Hence, the nickname “Mad Dog Tannen” stuck.


Since the DeLorean’s gas tank has leaked, Doc thinks about pushing it to give it speed, but what will they use to push it?

Gasoline still has to be "invented," so Doc needs to improvise on a source of power. He and Marty concoct a plan to get themselves a train.


While inspecting their future time travel route, who does Doc rescue?

Clara Clayton is portrayed by Mary Steenburgen. Her presence prompts another side of Doc to surface.


Marty mentions that what land formation was named for Clara Clayton?

Clayton Ravine is well-known to the 1985 kids, as Marty tells Doc. It's rumored that a teacher fell in there and it was named for her.


Why did Clara come to Hill Valley?

Teachers travel to where they are needed the most. It’s part of the job, to go to where the students and schools are located, even in the Old West.


Clara and Doc bond under the stars, as they share their love for which type of science?

Clara and Doc share their love for astronomy one night under the stars. They use Clara’s telescope and knowledge to stargaze and find constellations.


Doc laments the loss of Clara's love at what sort of Old West establishment?

Doc tells the truth to Clara, as he is about to time travel again. But Clara is hurt, and he is hurt by her hurt, so he ends up in the saloon to drown his sorrow away.


At the saloon, Doc passes out after downing a single shot of what kind of alcohol?

The saloon bartender serves whiskey to people a lot. But apparently, it only takes one shot to knock out Doc!


Marty ends up taking Doc’s place in what challenge, posed by Buford?

Since Marty interrupts Buford’s attempt to shoot Doc, Buford turns his vengeance on the teenager instead. Marty agrees to the duel after being challenged and called names.


Doc and Marty use a snapshot of what thing they took in 1955 to help them determine their future?

Doc and Marty use a photo of a tombstone with Doc’s name on it. This is how they determine if their Old West actions and plans affect their future.


Marty tricks Buford by letting the latter shoot him, but he ends up unscathed. What protects Marty from the bullet?

Buford shot Marty in the chest, but he was protected by a steel plate hidden under his clothes. This was actually a trick Clint Eastwood used in his Western movie, A Fistful of Dollars, continuing Marty’s cowboy inspiration.


Doc and Marty’s plan to use the train involves doing what first?

Doc and Marty hijack the morning train to divert it toward the unfinished bridge in the ravine. This is where they plan to drive through to return to the present.


Upon returning to the present, what happens to the DeLorean?

Since the DeLorean was pushed by a train, Marty ends up on a railroad track in 1985. But an oncoming train hits it and smashes it to pieces — just what the Doc wanted to happen, actually.


Back in the present, when Marty picks up his girlfriend, Jennifer, what does she say will happen to him in the future?

In BTTFII, Jennifer witnessed how the 2015 Marty got fired. She kept a fax paper reminder of it.


Teen Marty’s 2015 future got altered when he avoided crashing into what kind of vehicle, during a race challenge with the teen Needles?

In BTTFII, it was mentioned that Marty’s 2015 life was ruined by this Rolls-Royce mishap. Jennifer overheard this and remembered that fact.


Doc Brown comes back from the Old West, using what new kind of time machine?

The locomotive time machine now runs on steam. As the Doc says, “You can’t keep a good scientist down!” He built this new one to time travel with his new family.


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