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The Back To The Future film series epitomized the optimism of the 1980s; plus, it made commentaries about pop culture. The second film in the series also featured predictions about what’s to come in our future. Think you know enough about this second film? Take this quiz and find out!

Back to the Future had Marty traveling to the past, but where is he headed in Back to the Future Part II?

Back to the Future Part II continues where Back to the Future ended. Doc fetches Marty in the present and travels with him to the future.


Doc and Marty travel to which specific date in the future?

In 1985, Doc sets out to travel to October 21, 2015. This date is now known as Back to the Future Day.


The actress who played the original Jennifer, Marty’s girlfriend, was replaced by which actress in BTTFII?

Elisabeth Shue also plays Jennifer in Back To The Future Part III. She enjoys a solid film and TV acting career.


Doc made modifications to the DeLorean so that it can take off without using what?

Doc went to the future and modified the DeLorean, eliminating the need for the flux capacitor. And in the future, cars also float, so no roads are needed anymore to take off.


Doc wants to rescue which person in the future, who is important to Marty?

Doc wants to prevent a future mishap with Marty’s kid. So he brings Marty to the future and he lets Jennifer tag along, since she is the mother of that kid.


What is the name of Marty’s son, the one in trouble in the future?

Marty Jr. apparently got involved in some trouble with bad elements. Marty Sr. plans to rescue him and prevent him from making mistakes.


It turns out that Marty Jr. nearly got involved in illegal activities with which future bully, the grandson of Biff Tannen?

Griff apparently is a chip off the old Tannen block. He bullies the future McFly, just as earlier Tannens bullied earlier McFlys.


Marty is miffed whenever he is called what?

In the past, the younger Biff provoked Marty by calling him chicken. Biff’s grandson is now doing the same to him.


What is Doc's favorite expression, whenever he's in distress or in shock?

Doc Emmett Brown usually says “Great Scott!” whenever he feels stressed out. So this means he says it a lot!


Who reprised her role as Marty McFly’s mother, Lorraine?

Lea Thompson appeared in many memorable movies of the ‘80s and ’90s, like Some Kind of Wonderful. She also starred in the ‘90s sitcom, Caroline in the City.


Who played Marty’s 2015 co-worker, Needles, who tries to get him into trouble?

The actor named Flea played the teenage and adult versions of the Needles character. When he’s not acting, Flea is into music.


BTTF’s Flea, who portrayed Needles, is a band member of which popular musical group?

Flea is the bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He was born in Australia.


Both Marty McFly Sr. and Marty McFly Jr. were played by the same actor, but who played the female McFly sibling named Marlene McFly?

Director Robert Zemeckis experimented with film compositing by having Michael J. Fox portray all three characters. This time, it’s movie magic that lets him appear in one shot three times!


Which prominent BTTF actor didn’t appear in BTTFII, but his likeness did?

Crispin Glover didn’t sign on for BTTFII, so Zemeckis used his likeness and a body double to replace him. Glover sued over this, and the case forever changed the way actors’ likenesses are used, legally or illegally, in films.


In the future, Marty tries to wear what brand of futuristic shoes that lace all by themselves?

Nike’s self-lacing sneakers are worn by Marty to help him blend in with the futuristic 2015 crowd. In 2016, Nike actually created something similar to this, called the Nike Mags, sold in limited edition only.


In the future, Marty encounters a holographic ad for what 1975 film’s 19th sequel?

Marty passes by a high-tech billboard announcing the premiere of Jaws 19. He is nearly swallowed by the holographic shark image in the advertisement.


In 2015, Marty enters a familiar-looking diner with what decade-appropriate name?

The Cafe ‘80s is meant to be a nostalgia-type of diner. It’s similar to ‘50s-themed cafés, popular during the ‘80s and up to now.


Marty and Griff have a chase scene, much like Marty and Biff had in the past, but in 2015 Marty travels on what?

Marty chances upon kids playing with trolley-type toys, but floating. He detaches the board part, which is known as the hoverboard.


When riding the hoverboard, Marty gets stalled when he rides over what?

Like skateboards, hoverboards need some solid ground beneath. Riding over water is a bad idea.


What toy manufacturer makes the hoverboard in 2015?

Mattel's brand logo can be clearly seen on the hoverboard's close-up. It's a subtle form of product placement for the brand.


What kind of book does Marty buy in 2015, hoping to bring it back to 1985?

Marty buys the sports almanac, which contains sports statistics from the 1950s to the 2000s. He gets the idea from talking to a person on the street in 2015.


Biff Tannen still says what trademark line in the future, when mocking a McFly?

Biff used to say, "Hello, anybody home? Think, McFly, think!" to George McFly during their youth. The habit gets transferred when referring to Marty.


Marty’s future self now lives in which suburb?

In 1985, Hilldale is still under construction, marketed as a posh version of Hill Valley. But the two names actually have the same meaning, since “dale” also means a broad valley.


What pizza brand does the grandma version of Lorraine McFly serve the family?

Grandma Lorraine has a small packet of Pizza Hut for the whole McFly family. It enlarges to huge proportions in the futuristic oven.


Which actual 2015 technology is somehow accurately depicted in the McFly household?

Needles calls up Marty, who answers via the huge TV screen in their living room. Video calls are now science fact, not science fiction.


Who does Jennifer encounter in the McFly household that makes her faint?

The sleepy Jennifer gets picked up by the police and they "return" her home. But it's catastrophic when the older and younger version of her meet each other.


What is Marty’s original reason for buying the sports almanac?

A 2015 bystander mentions that if he knew who was gonna win the world series, he would bet some money on the team. Marty borrows this idea and buys the sports almanac as a guide.


Elder Biff in 2015 steals the sports almanac and Marty’s idea of betting, then gives the book and the idea to whom?

Biff steals the time machine and uses it to transport himself to the past. It's a successful time travel for him.


Elder Biff’s stolen sports almanac idea succeeds and creates a new reality, called what by Doc?

The alternate 1985 is characterized as corrupt and shady. Marty’s version of reality differs so much from it.


Alternate 1985’s Biff Tannen creates a huge gambling empire, so he is dubbed as what?

Teen Biff starts enacting elder Biff's plan, and it works. Biff's rise to power leads to the alternate 1985.


Alternate 1985’s Lorraine has what kind of cosmetic surgery?

Marty is surprised by the new look of his mother. He says she looks "huge," referring to the breast enlargement surgery.


Marty discovers that alternate 1985’s George McFly was a victim of what crime?

Marty is shocked to discover that his mother is married to alternate 1985's Biff. Lorraine reveals that George McFly was murdered, so she remarried.


After confronting the corrupt Biff on his casino-hotel rooftop, Marty tells Doc that they have to go where?

Marty directly confronts the corrupt Biff about the almanac. He tells him the whole story, which dates back to the time of the teen dance in 1955.


What does Marty do to the sports almanac after he retrieves it from the teen Biff?

Marty realizes it's his fault that the sports almanac caused trouble. He makes sure that won't happen again, by burning it.


Doc Emmett is transported away when the DeLorean is struck by what?

Doc is driving the DeLorean and hovering in the sky when Marty finishes his task on the ground. But the stormy weather causes lightning to strike the car, making Doc disappear.


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