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Would you ever go on television to find true love? Well, for hundreds of men and women across America, it has seemed like a pretty great idea. "The Bachelor," which first aired in  2002, is now on its 23rd season in 2018, with none other than Arie as the man currently searching for his bride-to-be. If you're a fan of the show, you'll know its greatest villains, the craziest women who've participated, the couples who actually got married and the ones who just weren't meant to be. If you think you've got what it takes to ace this "Bachelor" quiz, click start and have a go at it!

The show, hosted by Chris Harrison since its inception, follows one man on his quest for love. Women across the country try out to see if they're compatible with him, and about 30 or so enter the competition. They go on dates and spend time together, and he ultimately has to choose one woman to propose to. But since you're a fan, you already knew that. But do you know the ins and outs of the show? Do you know which woman cheated with a producer of the show? Do you know which woman entered the show with a boyfriend? And do you know who entered just for fame? Take this quiz to see if you're worthy of calling yourself a true "Bachelor" fan. 

Who is the host of the Bachelor?

Harrison is a former sports reporter for a CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City.


Which of the following is NOT a spin-off of The Bachelor?

There maybe no honeymoons, but ABC has aired the marriage ceremonies of several Bachelor/Bachelorette couples.


When a Bachelor wants a contestant to continue on to the next week, he asks if she will please accept this _______________.

The girls receive one long-stem red rose, whereas contestants on the Bachelorette receive a rose boutonniere.


When there is only one rose left to hand out, Chris Harrison tells the ladies, ‘This is the final rose tonight.” and tells the Bachelor, “____________”.

Often followed by the Bachelor letting out a big sigh of uncertainty and lots of dramatic music.


If they do not receive a rose during a rose ceremony, Chris Harrison tells the ladies to _____________.

This is generally followed by the women crying in their final on-camera interview about how they didn’t see it coming and they will never find love.


What is it called when the bachelor visits with the families of the final four women on the show?

These dates generally start with the women taking the bachelor to a famous place in their home town, or perhaps their old high school.


Each week on the Bachelor concludes with a…

Some women consume too much which lead to their departure from the show!


What is the name of the show that airs immediately after the Bachelor finale?

During this show, the Bachelor and his fiancé appear in public for the first time since filming.


On “The Women Tell All” episode, Chris Harrison brings one girl down to the ____________ to clear up some drama that she may have caused during the show.

Oftentimes the woman in the hot seat will cry and/or apologize to the rest of the women for her behavior during the show.


“Should you choose to forego your individual rooms, use this key to stay together as a couple in the ___________________.”

This is the first opportunity for the couple to spend time together off-camera and behind closed doors.


What is the name of the first Bachelorette who is still married to Ryan Sutter?

Now Trista Sutter, she and Ryan have two children together and live in Colorado.


What do all the women hope to get on a group date?

The women often try to be the first to ‘steal’ the bachelor away from another woman.


In case she does NOT receive a rose on a one-on-one date, what does the woman have to do before heading out on the date?

When a woman does not receive a rose, production staff come to pick up her suitcase and the other women either cheer or look shocked.


How many people are on a two-on-one date?

This is always the most awkward of dates during the show!


What happens if a girl does not receive a rose on a two-on-one date?

On some occasions for added dramatic effect, the Bachelor and the non-eliminated woman fly off in a helicopter, leaving the eliminated woman behind!


If one team wins the competition during a group date, the losing team…

The winning team will then get to spend more quality time with the bachelor that evening.


Brad Womack is best known for being...

His first go-around he rejected both final women. His second time, he proposed to Emily Maynard, though the two eventually called it quits.


What was the name of the former professional soccer player who became the Bachelor following his national popularity on the Bachelorette season 9 with Desiree Hartsock?

Though America fell in love with him during Desiree’s season, they soon became agitated with him for always telling Andi Dorfman, “It’s ok! It’s ok!” on his season of the Bachelor.


Who did Ashley H. marry after meeting him on the Bachelorette?

The two were married on December 1, 2012 on air, and they now have a son named Fordham Rhys.


Which late night TV host has made several appearances on the Bachelor and Bachelorette within the past few years?

He famously appeared in the hot tub on Bachelor Chris Soules’ season… while Chris was on his one-on-one date!


Where did Bachelor Chris Soules’ propose to Whitney Bischoff?

Following the Bachelor, Chris Soules appeared on Dancing with the Stars. His professional dancer partner was also blond and named Whitney.


In almost every episode of the Bachelor, one or more of the women will ____________.

The eliminated women tend to think that since the Bachelor didn’t like them, that maybe no one ever will!


What are fans of the Bachelor known as?

Groups of women (and men!) are known for gathering on Monday nights for viewing parties of the Bachelor!


In 2016, Chris Harrison began hosting a one-hour talk show following each episode of the Bachelor called….

This show took on the format of a talk show where Chris Harrison would discuss the events of the previous episode with special guests including Michelle Collins, Kris Jenner, Lacey Chabert, and former bachelor contestants.


Before heading to commercial, what does Narrator Chris Harrison’s voice say?

The Bachelor generally breaks during very dramatic moments to keep the suspense of the audience at a high. Preview scenes are teased before most commercial breaks.


What is the name of the first rose given out on each season of the Bachelor?

Receiving this rose means that the woman is safe through to the next week of dates and usually has a ‘target on her back’ according to the other women!


What profession was Jake Pavelka who starred as the bachelor of season 14?

The full name of that particular season was called “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love”.


The premise of Bachelor Pad was for the contestants to compete for a final cash prize of:

This show only lasted 3 seasons. In March 2013, it was cancelled, however one year later, it was replaced by Bachelor in Paradise.


What is the running time of each Bachelor episode?

Generally on Mondays, and on occasion, a Sunday special, The Bachelor airs for two hours from 8pm-10pm EST.


Which luxurious mode of transportation do many of the bachelors take on their one-on-one dates?

They wear headphones because it is too loud in there and often fly over gorgeous terrain and ogle over it together!


In what year did the Bachelor debut as an American reality television show?

It has gone through 20 seasons since 2002!


For the first two weeks of filming, the contestants on the Bachelor stay at _________________.

This house is located in Agoura Hills, California in Los Angeles County.


Where was Season 8 of the Bachelorette filmed since Emily Maynard wanted to stay with her daughter Ricki during production?

Emily Maynard chose contestant Jef Holm at the finale, but they ended their relationship only a few months later.


Where was Season 9 of the Bachelor with Lorenzo Borghese filmed?

Lorenzo Borghese was only half-Italian!


Who was the Bachelor of Season 8 who is physician and lead host on the daytime medical talk show "The Doctors"?

Travis did not propose, but he began a short relationship with contestant Sarah Stone. They broke up shortly after the show aired.


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