Are You and Your Significant Other Headed in the Same Direction?

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Life has a lot of twists and turns, but at least you and your significant other are working together to reach your goals. Or maybe you aren't. Take this quiz and find out.

Do you two ever argue over money?

Do you have joint bank accounts?

Do you both have the same educational level?

Do you ever wish your significant other were more responsible?

Do you like each others friends?

How does your partner deal with stress compared to you?

Do you want the same amount of kids?

Are you both equally motivated when it comes to careers?

Do you encourage your partner's dreams?

Would you support your partner through school if you thought it would pay off in the future?

Do you two agree on the meaning of life?

Do you both get along with each others families?

When you two get in a fight, how do you handle it?

How often do you two feel like breaking up?

Your partner is leaving for a business trip? What do you feel?

Do you both think that most people are good?

Do two people have to be the same to be together?

Do you two have the same political views?

Your partner had a really bad day, and came home and is complaining about it, what do you do?

Are you two really best friends?

Does your partner helpful as a problem solver?

Would you move across the country if your partner was offered a great job?

How important is passion in your relationship?

Does your partner inspire you?

Who does most of the cleaning in the house?

Do you two ever work out together?

How often do you sit around and talk with each other?

Pick a word that you usually feel when your partner is talking.

Are you two trendy?

Getting old...

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