Are you and your partner a Money Match?

By: Ashley D
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About This Quiz

Money isn't everything in a relationship … but it is pretty important. Take our quiz to find out whether you and your partner are on the same page.

How often do you and your significant other discuss money?

Do you and your partner have a household budget?

Do you know your partners credit score?

Are you or your partner’s spending habits a frequent source of tension?

Do you maintain separate bank accounts, or have you merged everything?

Who is primarily responsible for big financial decisions?

You’re thinking about taking money from your joint account to splurge on an item you’ve had your eye on for a while. Do you talk it through with your partner first?

Your partners debt is...

Have you talked about how you might handle unexpected financial burdens, like a sick relative, or unemployment?

Would you rather win a lot of money in the lottery and never have sex again, or struggle financially and have all the sex you want?

Are you both involved in keeping track of your household’s finances?

Are you comfortable with your level of combined debt?

Which of the following is more of a priority?

How much do you think you could spend without your partner saying something?

Do you know how much your partner makes?

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