Are You As Well Read As Rory Gilmore?

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From Feminist Philosophy to "The Art of War" to the Harry Potter series, Rory Gilmore has read some of humankind's greatest texts. Can your reading list compete? Take this quiz to find out!

In your free time, you are most likely to do which of the following:

Have you ever read a book by George Orwell?

Have you read the Harry Potter series?

How would your friends describe you?

After a long day, would you rather:

How do you feel about "Alice in Wonderland?"

Have you read anything by Mark Twain?

What is "The Art of War?"

What is the author J.D. Salinger best known for?

What's a catch-22?

What's "The Crucible" about?

What causes Don Quixote to freak out?

Who wrote of hearing a heart beat from beneath the floor boards?

Which famous Greek philosopher was also the student of another famous Greek philosopher?

What mental illness is the main character from "Girl, Interrupted" diagnosed with?

Who wrote "Gender Trouble?"

What color is the light at the end of the dock in "The Great Gatsby?"

"Out, damned spot!" is from the Shakespeare play:

What country does "The House of the Spirits" take place in?

Who wrote "Mrs. Dalloway?"

Do you think reading comprehension skills are important?

Who dies in "My Sister's Keeper?"

What is "Night" by Elie Wiesel about?

What happens to Lenny in "Of Mice and Men?"

"Stay Golden, Ponyboy" is a line from what book?

"A Room of One's Own" is based on:

What letter is "The Scarlet Letter?"

What's "The Second Sex" about?

Have you read anything by Jane Austin?

Who wrote "A Streetcar Named Desire?"

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