Are You Too Needy?

By: Brian Whitney
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We all have certain needs in our lives, but let's face it, some of us have way more needs than others. Are you good all on your own, or are you needy?

Can someone else make you happy?

How do you feel when you are single?

Do you like to cook for yourself?

Do you tend to fall in love quickly?

Do you feel abandoned if your partner is not there for you all the time?

Your friend was supposed to call an hour ago but hasn't, what are you doing?

Your boyfriend took you out to a nice dinner on Valentines day. You are...

You say "I love you" to your partner, but he doesn't say it back. What do you think?

Your boyfriend goes out of town for the weekend, how do you feel?

How many times a day do you text your boyfriend or girlfriend?

A really good friend is getting married, and you aren't maid of honor, how do you feel?

Do you act nice and sweet with people, even if you are mad at them?

How often do you worry about getting dumped?

Are you easily manipulated by people who compliment you?

What are you doing at a friend's wedding?

Do you hate to sleep alone?

When you are out looking to meet someone, who are you looking for?

Do you get upset if you can't watch what you want on TV?

What do you want to do on your second date?

Do you let your partner decide things for you?

What kind of canine would you be?

How many friends of the opposite sex does your partner have?

How much praise do you need from your boss?

Your car broke down, and you work 2 miles away. How do you get to work?

Do you need to make plans with your friends all the time?

Do you ever go through your partner's phone?

You just had an awesome date, how soon do you text him?

Do you ever get threatened by how much time your partner spends with his or her friends?

Do you like to touch your girlfriend or boyfriend all the time when you are out?

You are at a family dinner and while everyone else is talking, no one has asked you what you are up to. Are you upset?

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