Are You Too Controlling?

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In our lives things are going to happen that we can't control. Some of us still try to control everything anyway, while others enjoy the ride. How controlling are you?

When you argue with your spouse or partner, do you always bring up bad things they did in the past?

Do you blame your parents for how you turned out?

How do you handle being around loud kids?

Do people act the way they really are?

Does it bug you when people don't like you?

Do you always try and be logical?

Are you always on time?

How neat are you?

Who has been at fault for your relationship's breakups, you or your exes?

Does it bother you when people get close to you?

Are you a perfectionist?

Do people think you criticize them too much?

Do people say you are a downer?

Have you ever read someone's email?

Have you ever tried to follow your partner?

Do you know what is good for your friends?

Do people take you seriously enough?

Do you like to talk more or listen?

Do you like people to know your weaknesses?

How easy is it to admit you are wrong?

Who makes the rules in your house?

Ever ask for a gift back after a break up?

Do you let your boss know if you think he is treating you badly?

Is buying expensive gifts a sign of love?

How well do you get along with your family?

Would you tell someone he hurt you, or secretly try and get even?

Do you let people know you need them?

Do you get mad when under pressure?

Do you like working by yourself, or with others?

Pick a Seinfeld character.

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