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There are many reasons to love "Downton Abbey" — the gorgeous costumes, stunning locations and all the sudsy drama you could want from a high-brow soap opera. Mr. Pamuck dies in Lady Mary's bed (😱), Lady Sybil falls for the family chauffeur (😍), Lady Edith hides a pregnancy out of wedlock (🤫), Lady Mary asks Anna to get her birth control (🤭), and countless other scandals that kept you coming back week after week. High society, high drama!

But how many of the details do you remember? Brush up on six season's of intrigue and put your knowledge of all things "Downton Abbey" to the test. Not sure you're up the challenge? In the words of the Dowager Countess of Grantham, "Don't be defeatist, dear. It's very middle class." Just scroll down and take a trip back to 1912 and the intervening years that lead up to the movie. Welcome back to "Downton Abbey!"

Which heiress did Lord Grantham marry to save Downton?

Robert Crawley married American heiress Cora Levinson in 1890. He openly admits he married her in order to save the estate with her money. He admits he fell in love for her quickly after they married.


How many children did Robert and Cora have together?

They have three daughters together: Ladies Mary, Edith and Sybil Crawley. They are all in there early twenties when the series begins. They collectively each give there parents a grandchild by season 6.


What’s the name of the Crawley family dog?

Robert Crawey's beloved dog is named Isis. She's a yellow Labrador retriever. She dies in season 6. To help his grief, the Dowager Countess gave Lord Grantham a new dog named Tiaa at the end of season 6.


Who does Lady Sybil fall in love with?

She decides to run away with Tom Branson after bonding in the war. Her sisters Mary and Edith and the then-housemaid Anna track her down on her way to elope at Gretna Green. They convince her to return to Downton with them. She and Tom announced their relationship and plans to get married and move to Ireland, much to her family's shock and dismay.


Matthew Crawley is named as the unexpected and unwanted heir to Downton Abbey in the show’s first episode. How are Matthew and Robert, the current title holder, related?

Matthew and Robert were third cousins, once removed. They were therefore, distant relatives. They had never met prior to the announcement of Matthew being the new heir.


In Season 2, a badly disfigured soldier arrived at Downton Abbey during the war to recuperate and claimed to be Patrick Crawley, the family’s long lost heir. Who was the only member of the family to believe him?

Patrick Gordon, a Canadian soldier recuperating at Downton Abbey in Season 2, claimed to be the presumed dead Patrick Crawley. Edith is the only Crawley family member who believed Gordon's story. She was influenced by his declaration that he'd always loved her and never Mary (his originally-intended bride).


The Crawleys' estate is located in what part of England?

The village of Downton is fictionally located in Yorkshire county. The surrounding areas of Easingwold, Kirkby Malzeard, Kirkbymoorside, Malton, Middlesbrough, Ripon, Richmond, and Thirsk, each mentioned by characters in the series, lie in North Yorkshire. Outdoor scenes were filmed in the village of Bampton in Oxfordshire.


What is Robert Crawley's title?

Lord Grantham is the son of the 6th Earl of Grantham and Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham and the brother of Lady Rosamund Painswick. The Earl had very little money for an aristocrat, and Downton Abbey was a drain on what they had. When the series starts, Downton is in dire financial need of an influx of cash to keep the place running and paying salaries.


After getting married, Sybil and Tom have a daughter together. What is her name?

Tragically, Sybil dies in child birth. A grieving Tom names his new daughter after her mother. In tragedy, there is still love.


Which character said "First electricity, now telephones. Sometimes I feel as if I were living in an H.G. Wells novel." in Season 1?

Dowager Countess of Grantham is Lord Grantham's mother. In the series, her character is noticeably resistant to the demise of the aristocracy and rise of the working class. The series further documents her aversion to the introduction of electricity and telephones among others.


Which character said "I love you, Mr. Bates! And I know it's not ladylike to say so, but I'm not a lady and I don't pretend to be." in Season 1?

Anna, Mary's Lady maid, marries John Bates in the middle of the series. She started at Downton Abbey as a house maid and worked her way up. She gives birth to Mr. Bate's son on New Year's Eve 1925 in season 6.


After the end of the war, Spanish flu came to Downton. Several members of the staff and family became ill. Who eventually died from the illness?

Lavina, cousin Matthew's finance at the time, died unexpectedly from the illness. It eventually paved the way for Matthew and Mary to be together and finally get there happy ending and get married. Lavina's father leaves Matthew as his heir when he dies and thus received and inheritance that saves Downton from financial ruin shortly after Matthew and Mary marry.


When Lady Edith's love Michael Gregson is presumed dead, what does she inherit from him?

Lady Edith inherits Michael Gregson's magazine The Sketch. She originally met Michael when she started writing a column for him. Now, she is the publisher and in charge of the whole operation.


During Season 1, Mary faces a serious scandal when a visiting guest named Mr. Pamuk unexpectedly dies in her bedroom. Where is Mr. Pamuk from?

Kemal Pamuk is from Turkey. He came to Downton Abbey on a visit with the Honourable Evelyn Napier, who was a suitor to be Mary's husband at that time. He invites himself into her room and they became a romantic adventure. Before things can begin, he drops dead.


What was the name of the Season 1 housemaid who wanted to be a secretary and is helped by Sybil?

Gwen's secret dream was to learn typing. Although prestigious for the time, she wanted to leave a life of service. With Sybil's help, she meets Mr. Brombridge, who needs a secretary to help with his telephone business.


In the Season 3 Christmas episode, where does the family travel?

The family travels to Duneagle Castle in Scotland. They visit the Dowager countess's niece. The Flintshires are required to move away from the castle later in the series due to poor financial investments.


What are the names of Lord and Lady Grantham's grandchildren?

Lady Mary gives birth to George with Matthew Crawley. Lady Edith gives birth to Marigold with Michael Gregson. Lady Sybil gives birth to Sybil with Tom Branson. Tragically, all three grandchildren will only know one parent as each has had one parent die.


Which character says this line in Season 4, "I am not a complete stranger to romance, Mrs. Hughes, if that’s what you’re implying." ?

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes eventually end up married in season 6. Beforehand, they flirt with each other relentlessly. They deny the love that has been between them for a long time.


What was the nickname of Lady Rose MacClare (Cousin Rose)’s father, Lord Flintshire?

The family's title, Marquess of Flintshire, is Welsh. However, their courtesy title, Earl of Newtonmore, is Scottish, having been gained by the grandmother of Hugh MacClare (the present Marquess), who was Countess of Newtonmore in her own right. Lord Flintshire got the nickname “Shrimpie” as a child after playing a sea creature-inspired nursery game with his sisters.


Who shocks the family with what she wears down to dinner?

When Lady Sybil wore her unexpected outfit, it was a shock to her traditional family. It was a stylish harem pants worn with a matching headpiece. This choice of outfit was directly influenced by Paul Poiret, a designer that created eastern inspired evening clothes for his socially elite customers made in colorful silks and satins.


What does Lord Grantham collect?

Thomas takes a snuffbox from Lord Grantham's collection in an effort to get Mr. Bates, the new valet, fired. A reoccurring theme throughout the series is the tension between Thomas and Mr. Bates as a result. Incidentally, stamp collecting was the hobby of the monarch of the time, King George V.


What is the name of the castle located in North Hampshire that is used for exterior and interior filming?

The estate is in Hampshire, England, United Kingdom. It is the county seat of the Earl of Carnarvon and landmark estate owned by the Herbert family (the Earls of Carnarvon) since the late 17th century. It's open to the public during the summer and can also be rented for weddings and other events. The family attributes the ability to make long needed repairs inside and outside of the estate due to the success of the onsite filming of Downton Abbey.


Cora’s brother comes to visit Downton Abbey during Season 4. What is his name?

Harold L Levinson came to visit Downton with his mother in season 4. He was motivated in part by his desire to escape his current social situation in America where he had been connected with the Teapot Dome Scandal. Lord Grantham goes to America to assist his brother in law with the scandal as well.


Who reluctantly tells John that Anna was raped?

Anna is attacked and viciously raped by Mr. Green. She confesses the entire situation to Mrs. Hughes. Mr. Bates is not told of the rape or the accuser until much later.


Which character said: "Sympathy butters no parsnips."?

Mrs. Patmore was the head cook at the main house. She has a soft spot for Daisy, who started as her kitchen maid. She gives Daisy tough love but as the series progresses, treats Daisy as she would her own daughter.


What was the name of Lord Grantham’s previous valet who is replaced by Mr. Bates?

Mr. Watson was Lord Gratham's previous valet. In the first episode, we find out that Mr. Watson left quickly and left his room a mess. Mr. Bates, who replaces him, fought with Lord Grantham in the Boer War.


In Season 3, who leaves Edith at the alter?

Edith's first fiancé was Anthony Strallan, a widowed, landed gentleman who was injured during the war. He cares for Edith, but ends up abandoning her at the altar when he decides that he can't allow her to waste her life on him (because he's so much older than she is). Edith is devastated.


What does Lady Rose want Lord Grantham to buy for the house?

In season 5, Lord Grantham gives into Rose and gets a wireless (radio) for the main floor. He was dead set against the need for the radio until he learnt that the King, George V, was giving the opening speech for the “British Empire Exhibition,” and it was to be broadcast. He purchased the radio so everyone could hear George speak.


John Bates had two wives. What happened to his first wife Vera that enabled him to marry his second wife Anna?

Mr. Bates was wrongly accused of her murder. He served time in prison as a result. He married Anna shortly after Vera was found dead. It did not make for a nice honeymoon for the newlyweds.


Which country do Violet and Rosamund want to send Marigold, Lady Edith's child who is born out of wedlock, to live at a school?

At the time, only Violet and Rosamund are aware that Edith has given birth to Michael Gregson's child. Tragically, Lady Edith gives birth while Gregson is still missing in Germany. He tragically never meets his daughter.


In 2012, Downton Abbey became the most Emmy-nominated British series in history. It was nominated _______times

In it's duration, the show had been nominated 59 times and won 12 in total. It was the most watched television series on both ITV and PBS. It was the most successful British costume drama series since the 1981 television serial of Brideshead Revisited. By the third series, it had become one of the most widely watched television drama shows in the world.


Which character said : "You've lived your life, and I've lived mine. Now it's time we live them together." in Season 2?

Matthew and Mary flirted back and forth and faced many obstacles until finally uniting at the end of season 2. They finally marry at the beginning of season 3. They have a wonderful love story.


Each episode cost more than ________ to produce.

Jessica Fellowes' wrote in her book, The World of Downton Abbey, that the production company spent roughly 1 million Euros for each episode. That should come as no surprise given the filming locations used and the attention to detail with sets and costumes. The series was renowned due to its attention to detail of the time period.


The first shot in the very first episode of Downton Abbey is of what?

A telegraph machine is the first image in the first scene of the TV series. The series opens with the machine receiving a message about the sinking go the heirs of the estate in the Titanic. The series starts in April 1912.


Which character said “The business of life is the acquisition of memories.”?

Carson has worked for the estate since he was 19. He lived and worked at the estate while Lord Grantham's three children were born and raised. He is especially protective of Lady Mary. He is a very sentimental and loyal butler. In 1925, he married Elsie Hughes, the head housekeeper at Downton. Seven months later, he handed in his resignation, after suffering from palsy, where Thomas Barrow took his place as head butler.


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