Are You SOOOOO Over Your Ex?

By: Brian Whitney

About This Quiz

It's been awhile since you and your ex broke up. Maybe you never think about your ex anymore, or maybe you think about them constantly. Are you over your ex?

What would you do if your ex called and asked you out today?

Do you ever wish your ex would come back to you?

Do you often daydream about bad things happening to your ex?

Have you tried to hook up with one of your ex's friends to get revenge?

Does it bother you to go to a restaurant that you used to go to with your ex?

You just saw your ex out with another, what do you do?

How often do you dream about your ex?

Are you friends with your ex?

Do you ever still hang out with your ex's family?

Do you talk a lot about your ex when you go out on a date with someone else?

Can you watch the same TV shows you did with your ex?

Do you count the days since you broke up?

Could you ever be happy alone?

Was your ex your one true love?

Is your ex still the first person you want to share things with?

What word fits your breakup most?

Do you ever drive by where they live or work?

How long has it been since you texted or messaged your ex in a moment of weakness?

Are you still connected to your ex on social media?

Has your ex ever blocked you?

Do you try to think of excuses to get in touch?

Did you go on dates with a lot of people to get over your ex?

Do you ever wonder if your ex misses you?

Do you have songs that make you sad when you think of him?

Have you ever tried to hack into their email?

Do you go to places that you think your ex might be, hoping to bump into them?

Do you ever read your ex's horoscope?

How often do you talk to your friends about your ex?

How often do you tell people you are over your ex?

You just got invited to your best friend's wedding, how does it make you feel?

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