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Do you know your fractions? How good are you at mixed numbers? When it comes to math, do you think you're smarter than a 5th grader? Let's find out with this quiz!

Which two fractions when added together will give you 7/8?

When it comes to adding fractions with the same denominator, all you have to do is add the numerators together. The third choice is the answer because 1 + 6 = 7 which would give you the fraction 7/8.


Which is more, 12 inches or 1 foot?

When it comes to measurements, one of the basic ones is comparing a foot to inches. 12 inches = 1 foot.


What is 2,000,000 + 400,000 + 6,000 + 900 + 30 + 1 in standard form?

When it comes to numbers, you're either dealing with the standard or expanded form. In this solution, you are dealing with two million, four hundred thousand, then six thousand. There is no number holding the ten thousands place.


How would you write this number using digits: Sixty-two thousand forty five?

In this question, sixty-two thousand should give you a hint that these two numbers come before the comma. Since there is no 'hundred' mentioned, you know that the number in the hundreds place should be zero. A process of elimination should leave you with 62,045.


Which number will complete the following sequence: 6 7 9 12 16 21

In the sequence starting with the number six, one number higher is being added, starting with 1. One is added to six to get the number 7. Two is added to 7 to get the number 9 and so on.


Which sign makes the following statement true: 42 x 2 __ 100

The answer should definitely be less than. When you take 42 and multiply it by two, your answer will be 84, which is certainly less than 100.


One minute and 16 seconds is equivalent to how many seconds?

In order to convert this to purely seconds, you must first know that one minute is equivalent to 60 seconds. Now you have 60 seconds and 16 seconds which would give you a total of 76 seconds.


Which two numbers would you have to choose (in order) to complete the quotient? ? / ? = 9

When taking the dividend of 72 and dividing by the divisor, 8, your quotient will be 9.


Which of the following is equivalent to 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5?

When minimizing your exponents, all you need to do is count the number of times the digit appears. If it was 5 by itself, it would be written as 5^1. Since the number 5 appears five times, the answer is 5^5.


Which of these is a prime number?

A composite number is when a number has more than two factors. A prime number is when a number ONLY has two factors, one of them being one and the other being itself. Some other prime numbers besides 13 are 2, 3, and 5.


What is "one and 5 tenths" as a decimal number?

When it comes to decimals, the place following the decimal point is called the 'tenths' place. With the question calling for one and five TENTHS, one is the whole number, and 5 is put in the decimal place for tenths.


Which sign makes the following statement true: 0.8 + 0.4 ___ 1.2

When it comes to decimals, you add the same way you'd add any other number. First you'd add the numbers in the 'tenths' place, which is 8 and 4. if you remember to bring your decimal down, you'll find your answer should be 1.2.


Which sign makes the following statement true: 4 ___ 1.1 x 4

When it comes to evaluating decimals and rounding, you might want to round down usually. When it comes to this example, rounding 1.1 down to 1 would give you the wrong answer. Since 1.1 is slightly higher than 1, multiplying it by four would give you a number slightly larger than 4.


What is 7 / 100?

When it comes to dividing to create decimals, this is when you have to use both the knowledge of fractions AND decimals. Since 7 is smaller than 100, you know you'll be dealing with a number that is less than one. Since 100 is on the bottom, you're dealing with 'hundredths,' which is two places after the decimal.


The fraction 1/5 is equivalent to what other fraction?

In order to figure out whether two fractions are equivalent, you should be able to multiply or divide one of them and get the other fraction. In this case, if you multiply 1/5 by 2/2 (equal to 1), you'll get the answer of 2/10.


What is the product of the following two fractions: 2/5 x 5/5?

When it comes to multiplying fractions, the rule is to multiply across. First multiply the numerators together, then multiply the denominators together. In this question, you'd get 10/25. For the simplest form of the answer, you'd divide both the numerator and denominator by 5 and get an answer of 2/5.


What is 1/3 / 3 (One-third divided by 3)?

When it comes to fractions and dividing, there is an easy way to solve the question. Rather than dividing by anything, multiply by the reciprocal of the divisor. The reciprocal of a number is created by putting the number in fraction form underneath the number one, hence the reciprocal of 3 being 1/3. Then just multiply across as you would any fraction and you'll get the number 1/9.


Evaluate the following expression: 4 x 2 + (2 x 6)

When it comes to remembering the order of operations, don't forget PEMDAS, a device used to remember the order. In this expression, P for parentheses would come first where you would multiply 2 and 6. Next in the order comes multiplication. You'd then multiply 4 and 2. You would then add the answers 12 and 8 together for your final answer of 12.


Which of these ratios is equivalent to 3:1?

When dealing with ratios, it is almost the same as considering fractions. With a ratio of 3:1, you'd find equivalent ratios by multiplying them by some form of one. In order to get 6:2, your factor would be 2.


What is 20% of 200?

When figuring out percentages, it is easy if the number is a factor of 10. First start off with finding 10%. In order to find 10% of 200, move the invisible decimal point after the second zero one place to the left. This leaves you with 20 being 10% of 200. Following this, just multiply the number by 2 to get how much 20% would be, which would leave you with 40.


A box of 20 count sparklers costs $10. What is the unit price for 1 sparkler?

When it comes to finding the unit price, you want to take the final cost ($10) and divide it by the total number of items you have. This would give you the expression 10/20. You can easily reduce this fraction to 1/2 which is written as .50 as a decimal.


What is the missing number in this sequence: 1 2 4 8 16 ? 64

In this sequence, every term is being multiplied by 2 in order to get the following number in the sequence. Since 16 comes before the missing number, multiply it by 2 and you'll get 32.


If you're mapping the point (4, -2) on a coordinate plane, in which quadrant will you be?

When looking at the coordinate planes, quadrant I is where both the x and y coordinates are positive. It continues to four going in a counter clockwise direction. Quadrant four is where the x coordinate is positive and the y coordinate is negative.


For the equation a = b + 10, solve for b when a = -3

When solving for this equation, your first step is to replace a with -3. Now with -3 = b + 10, you can solve by subtracting 10 from both sides, getting -13 = b.


What is the mean of this series of numbers: 5 12 14 20 24

When it comes to finding the mean for a number, you must first add all the numbers together and then divide by the amount of numbers in the sequence. The sum of the sequence is 75 and when divided by the amount of numbers in the sequence (5), you should get 15.


1 yard is equivalent to how many feet?

Knowing conversions is another very important thing in math. Conversions like 1 foot = 12 inches and 1 yard = 3 feet can be crucial when it comes to calculations.


How many sides does an octagon have?

Knowing the prefix for polygons can be very helpful. A PENT-agon has 5 sides, a HEX-agon has 6 sides, a HEPT-agon has 7 sides, and an OCT-agon has 8 sides.


Which of these angles is considered obtuse?

When it comes to triangles and quadrilaterals, their angles can either be acute, right, or obtuse. An acute angle is anything that is less than 90 degrees. A right angle is any angle that is exactly 90 degrees. Anything more than 90 degrees would be considered an obtuse angle.


What would you call a triangle that has two equal angles?

When it comes to triangles, when they have two or more equal angles, they form lines of symmetry. When a triangle has NO line of symmetry, it is called scalene. When a triangle has two lines of symmetry, it is called isosceles, When it forms 3 lines of symmetry, it is called an equilateral triangle.


What is 213 x 3?

In an equation like this, the simplicity of it is not having to carry any numbers. All this equation requires you to do is multiply every digit by 3 and the answer is 639.


4^3 = ?

When it comes to this expression 4^3 is equivalent to 4 x 4 x 4. Four times four is 16 and 16 x 4 is 64.


What is the greatest common factor of 12 and 18?

A greatest common factor is the largest shared number that can be divided evenly into two digits. Although all the options ARE factors of 12 and 18, 6 is the GREATEST factor that these digits have in COMMON.


What is the reciprocal of 1 2/3 (One and two-thirds)?

In order to find the reciprocal of this mixed number, you must first turn it into an improper fraction, first, by multiplying the denominator by the whole number. After this, you would then add the numerator to this number and put the sum back on top of the previous denominator. For this question, the improper fraction would be 5/3. In order to find the reciprocal, you would simply flip the fraction upside down, giving you the answer of 3/5.


Multiply and reduce: 1/5 x 5/3

When it comes to multiplying fractions, simply multiply across. In this situation, you'd first multiply 1 x 5 to get 5 in the numerator. For the denominator, you'd multiply 5 x 3 to get 15. You'd then have 5/15 for the answer, but this could be reduced to a smaller fraction. Simply divide the equation by 5/5 (equivalent to 1) and you'll get your final answer of 1/3.


In order for two lines to be perpendicular, what degree do they have to form between them?

In order for two lines to be perpendicular, they need to form 90 degree angles. When two perpendicular lines intersect, they form four 90 degree angles.


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