Are You Sexy or Sophisticated?

By: Tori Highley
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Looking your best and feeling your best go hand in hand, and we all want to feel like the most attractive person in the room at some point. It feels great to know you are catching the eye of everyone around you! But can you do that without knowing which look is right for you?

Everybody has a look. Whether people see you as adorable or highly sensual, the perception of others is what defines your look. Shorter people are often perceived as cute, while taller people are considered strong and confident. Other factors like hair color, personality, and fashion choices all have their own connotations, combining into one category of person that people will put you in. While you know you look amazing, do you know what kind of look you have? 

Sexy and sophisticated are the looks everyone is after, but not everyone knows which look suits them better. Maybe instead of channeling the alluring Lara Croft or steamy Indiana Jones, you should be channeling cool James Bond or regal Padme Amidala. This quiz is designed to find out which style works best for you! When you figure out which look you have, you will utterly own it! Sexy or sophisticated, the look will be yours. 

Find out what sultry signals you should be sending out!

How do strangers usually introduce themselves to you?

Which best describes how you pick out your outfits?

Which of these festivals would you love to peruse alongside your latest lover?

What do your parents brag about you to their friends?

Of these options, which is your strongest personality trait?

Which physical feature listed below are you most shy about?

Which of these is your favorite way to stay in shape?

What kind of photos do you usually post online?

Which of these skills is sexiest to you?

Of the reactions listed, which best describes how you feel about unexpected guests?

Which of these public figures inspires you the most?

Which of these exciting careers would you love to switch to?

What part of your personality do you feel you could work on?

Which of these take-outs is the basis for a great date at home?

Which of these vacation spots feels most relaxing?

Which of these sounds like the best way to celebrate your birthday?

Which of these looks would you feel most confident rocking?

How long does it usually take to get ready in the morning?

What is the first thing you do in a stranger's home?

Which of these hobbies would you love to learn?

What is your favorite go-to accessory?

Which way would you rather upgrade your outfit for a night on the town?

Where do you love to take a first date?

Who would you rather go to for fashion advice?

Which of these animals would you love to adopt as a pet?

Which of these classic characters do you feel most similar to?

Which of these songs should play when you walk in to a party?

What is your most attractive physical asset?

Where do you daydream about meeting your soul mate?

Which of these style icons do you love to channel?

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