Are You Sexually Compatible With Your Partner?

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As much as we might sometimes wish it was not the case, it takes more than attraction to make a relationship work. That thing that some people call a spark isn't just nothing. You need to have a meeting of the minds as well as the bodies, a connection that makes what you have a little more than routine, animal sort of attraction. If you want it to be good, you need to have the same kind of thoughts and ideas about what you like and don't like, what you're comfortable experimenting with and what you know is not going to work for either of you. 

No one wants to be caught out suggesting things their partner thinks is weird. Likewise, none of us want to be spending our relationship being terribly bored if the other person just doesn't have the same passions and interests. There's a lot more to being physical with another person than just the physical if that makes sense.

The key to a good sex life is sexual compatibility. How do you know if you have it? It's pretty much a trial and error sort of thing. You can discuss things until the cows come home, but in the end, it's all about how everything works together. We can help though! Tell us about your relationship and we'll let you know how compatible you truly are. Take the quiz and see for yourself.

Have you ever pumped the brakes on sexy time because your partner suggested something that weirded you out?

Ever fallen off the bed right in the middle of what you were doing?

Do the two of you ever talk about fantasies that you have?

This one should be pretty straight forward. In a purely physical way, is your partner the sexiest person you've ever seen?

Does your partner have any habits that drive you insane?

Time to get gross. Has your partner ever had breath or B.O. that was so bad you didn't want to get physical in any way?

Of all the partners you've ever been with, where are you ranking your current one?

If your partner started doing something that just felt awkward and not very pleasurable, what would you do?

Do the two of you have any fetishes in common?

Do you ever feel like your partner is a little boring in the bedroom?

What are your thoughts about bringing some toys into the bedroom together?

Is your sex life a spontaneous sort of thing?

Have you ever cheated on your partner?

Overall would you say you're satisfied with your sex life?

Ever caught your partner checking out someone in public?

Have you ever read an article about how to spice up your love life and tried any of the suggestions?

Are you excited when you know you're going to be having sex with your partner?

Honestly, do you see you and your partner together in 10 years?

What happens if you're not in the mood?

Does your partner ever complain about your sex life?

You knew this one was coming. Ever faked it?

And now for a tricky one. Do you think your partner has faked it?

And now a matter of general physics. What's the height difference between the two of you?

Take sex right out of the equation for a second. How well do you get along otherwise?

When you go in for a kiss do you land it the right way every time or have you had some misses?

Are you guys down for PDA?

Do you ever watch dirty movies in secret without your partner knowing?

How much effort would you put into making your sex life with your partner even better?

The last time you had sex together what were you thinking about?

Are you both able to tell when the other one is super into it or super not into it?

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