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What happens with the maid of honor and a bridesmaid both think the bride is their best friend? Get ready for some competition, comedy and humiliation with the ultimate "Bridesmaids" quiz!

Bridesmaids centers around main character Annie portrayed by __________.

Kristen Wiig also wrote the story behind "Bridesmaids," alongside Annie Mumolo. Wiig is a graduate of the University of Arizona.

What is the name of Annie's friend who is getting married?

Bridesmaids was a huge success at the box office. Made on a $32.5 million budget, the film brought in more than $288 million at the box office!

Which famous actress and comedian plays the role of Lillian?

Maya Rudolph was born on July 27, 1972 in Gainesville, Florida. She is married to Paul Thomas Anderson.

Annie Walker's failed business venture was a ________.

Annie is in her late 30s and slightly depressed from her failed bakery. She lost her savings, and her boyfriend.

What is the name of Annie's male roommate?

Gil is portrayed by actor Matt Lucas. Lucas is an English comedian best known for his work on the TV show "Little Britain."

Gil's sister, Brynn, who also Annie's roommate, is portrayed by this Australian stand-up comedian and actress...

Rebel Wilson was born Melanie Elizabeth Bownds on March 2, 1980. Wilson was cast in "Bridesmaids" shortly after moving to the United States.

What is the name of the guy with whom Annie is having a no-strings-attached relationship?

Ted is self-absorbed and has very little interest in Annie as a person. He is portrayed by actor Jon Hamm, best known for his role on "Mad Men."

Lillian's cousin and bridesmaid, _______, is portrayed by actress Wendi McLendon-Covey.

Rita is cynical. She is married, has children, and is desperate for a getaway and some sexual attention.

Who is Megan?

Megan is rough around the edges. She is a bit raunchy, burps and farts freely, and sometimes things that are even worse.

Which famous actress plays the role of Megan?

Melissa Ann McCarthy was born on August 26, 1970 in Plainfield, Illinois. She and Jenny McCarthy are cousins.

What is the name of the bridesmaid with whom Annie instantly butts heads?

Helen is rich and beautiful, prim and proper. She is the wife of the groom's boss.

Which famous actress plays the role of Helen?

Rose Byrne was born on July 24, 1979 in Balmain, Australia. She has also starred in films such as "Troy," "28 Weeks Later," "Get Him to the Greek," and "Neighbors."

To what type of restaurant does Annie take Lillian and the bridesmaids for lunch?

As they approach the Brazilian steakhouse, its appearance from the outside leaves the rest of the bridal party questioning its authenticity. Annie assures them it's going to be great.

Which member of the bridal party opts not to eat at the Brazilian restaurant?

Helen opts not to eat at the restaurant. She doesn't want to eat before a dress fitting, and she doesn't trust the restaurant's sanitation.

What themed bridal shower does Annie suggest to the bridesmaids at lunch?

Helen doesn't agree with the idea of a Parisian-themed bridal shower. She keeps brainstorming ideas, which makes Annie even more competitive.

Where does Annie suggest the girls have a bachelorette party?

Helen immediately vetoes this idea, thinking she has a better idea.

In an attempt to one-up Annie, where does Helen book a bachelorette party?

Bridesmaids was filmed at 24 different locations. None of which were in Las Vegas!

Why does Annie have an outburst on the airplane?

Annie has a fear of flying. She takes a sedative from Helen, then drinks alcohol. Not a good combination.

The girls never actually make it to Las Vegas. Where does the plane make an emergency landing due to Annie's behavior?

The plane makes an emergency landing in Casper, Wyoming. The girls must now take a bus home.

Following the Vegas mishap, who does Lillian ask to take over maid of honor duties?

Even though Annie apologizes multiple times, Lillian thinks it's best if Helen plans the shower and wedding. Annie hasn't quite made a good impression.

Why does Annie initially get pulled over by a state patrol officer?

The State Patrol officer is quite friendly and appears to be fond of Annie. He lets her go after Annie promises to get the tail lights fixed.

What is the name of the officer who pulls Annie over?

Nathan Rhodes is a mild-mannered. He seems to be on Annie's side, though she can't figure out why.

Which famous actor plays the role of Officer Nathan Rhodes?

Chris O'Dowd was born on October 9, 1979 in Boyle, Ireland. He is married to Dawn O'Porter, a British writer and television presenter.

After losing her bakery business, where does Annie work?

Annie is forced to take a job as a sales associate at a jewelry store. She is constantly monitored and reprimanded.

Who does Annie move in with once she loses her job and her roommates kick her out of her apartment?

Annie is forced to move in with her mother. Annie is miserable and disheartened by her life's situation.

Which famous actress plays the role of Annie's mother?

Jill Clayburgh was born on April 30, 1944. She died of leukemia on November 5, 2010. "Bridesmaids" was her last film.

Who comes to Annie's mother's house to knock some sense into Annie?

Megan comes and literally beats Annie up. She gives her an unforgettable pep talk and seems to really relate to Annie.

What does Helen give to Lillian as a bridal shower gift?

Helen completely upstages Annie by surprising Lillian with a trip to Paris. This enrages Annie, who throws a tantrum at the shower.

While giving a speech, what song does Annie begin to sing at Lillian's bridal shower?

Annie takes on the Dionne Warwick classic: "That's What Friends Are For." This scene reveals the epitome of Annie and Helen's rivalry.

How does Annie try to make amends with Nathan?

After Megan's pep talk, Annie finds herself back in the kitchen making cupcakes. She finds peace in this, and hopes to reconcile with Nathan.

Who is missing on Lillian's wedding day?

Annie and Helen join forces to try to find Lillian. Turns out Lillian was overwhelmed by Helen's wedding planning and wanted it to be more simple, like Annie had suggested.

What is Lillian's fiance's name?

Throughout the film, Douglas Price was also referred to as Doug and Dougie. He is portrayed by actor Tim Heidecker.

Who do Helen and Annie enlist to help find Lillian on the day of the wedding?

After they try very hard to catch his attention, Nathan finally agrees to help the girls. After they find Lillian, he eventually reconciles with Annie.

Who arranges for Nathan to pick Annie up from the wedding?

While searching for Lillian on the morning of the wedding, Helen realizes that there are true feelings between Annie and Nathan. She does a nice thing for Annie, and surprises her at the same time.

In which year did comedy film, "Bridesmaids" premiere?

"Bridesmaids" premiered on May 13, 2011, just in time for wedding season. The film was directed by Paul Feig.

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