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Warning! Contains shocking material. Test your knowledge on the inappropriate antics of this fantasy football league!

In this series, the gang is always shown hanging out at a certain bar. What is the name of their go to bar?

The gang always goes here to catch up and have a few beers.


When the boys got Andre "high" for the first time instead of marijuana what did they actually put in the joint they gave him?

The boys all shaved off a patch of their own pubic hair to contribute to the joint.


What children's toy did Kevin enlist Taco to dress up as to scare away Ellie's obsession over the character?

This dancing and singing toy is Ellie's favorite and similar to how annoying Tickle Me Elmo.


What DVD cover box did Pete use to hide his homemade sex tape in?

Pete tried to find a cover that was low on the radar in terms of viewing popularity.


What is the term the gang uses for a deceivingly bad trade within the league?

The group does this to Andre on a very consistent basis when it comes to making trades.


What profession does Andre practice?

Everyone in the league makes fun of him for not being a "real' doctor.


In season 2, Andre bought an abstract painting that his friends said had a phallic resemblance. What was the name of the famous artist who created that piece?

The boys found another reason to question Andre's taste.


What is Ruxin's actual first name?

It is also the first name of his father, hence the reason he wanted to go by just his last name.


When the gang visited a pumpkin farm in season 2, what kind of animal did Taco end up stealing from their petting zoo?

Taco stole the monkey because he decided they wanted to be friends.


When Andre was training for a marathon in season 2, what was the goo supplement he loved?

Andre's friends kept making puns around his new love of his salty supplement, all the while the jokes were going right over Andre's head.


What did Ruxin refer to as his special time where he could adjust his draft line up in privacy​?

While Ruxon would do #2 he would also work on his line up for the league.


There are two trophies in the league, one for the winner and one for the loser. What did the league name their 2 trophies.

The gang turned her unattractive HS yearbook picture into a trophy they idolized and worshiped while the loser got be the owner of something as horrible as a hairy bull scrotum.


In the gang's high school reunion book what injury and loss did Kevin make up and put in Andre's bio without his knowledge?

The gang loves to mess with Andre since he is such an easy target.


In that same bio what did Kevin call the supposed implant that Andre had "implanted"?

Nudicles aren't used in humans only in dogs, according to this show.


In high school Frank "The Body" Gibiani gave Ruxin what nickname due to his preference in women?

Before Sophia (his wife) Ruxon liked to date women with more to love.


What is Taco's term for the facial expression a man makes at the point of climax right before he finishes?

Taco's observation was that most men's face expression looked like someone had put a spoonful of vinegar right up to their nose just as they were right about to climax, hence the term vinegar strokes.


When Ruxin lied to Sophia and claimed to have had an ex-wife that passed away, what was the name he came up with for this lie?

Ruxon used the name of the espresso machine that Kevin and Jenny just bought.


To encourage Ellie to behave better during Christmas time, what toy did Kevin and Jenny place on their mantle to keep an eye on Ellie and "report back to Santa"?

The elf sits on a shelf or mantle and has become a new way for the parents to get their kid excited for Christmas.


What did Ellie end up naming her new elf?

All children are sponges. Ellie had overheard her mom talking and picked up a new word. She decided Kegal was the perfect elf name.


In the season 2 finale who ended up being the champion of the league?

Ruxon was able to take the Shiva home, he was so confident he had already made a placard with his name on in for the Shiva prior to him winning.


What item from Kevin and Jenny's wedding did Taco use for his new invention "the pee bib"?

Taco had found a large box full of these wedding napkins in their attic and decided he had a better use for them.


Who said this hilarious line? "Gina's gotten plenty of satisfaction. Have you seen Adrian Peterson? That dude is plowing her like the Mall of America parking lot after a snowstorm."

Ruxin always has some hilariously inappropriate joke ready.


What caused Kevin to become self conscious of his pubic hair and what did he do to correct the problem?

Kevin attempted to cover the grays just by going to the drug store and picking up a box of color.


During Kevin's coloring process, when he attempted to use the hair dryer what happened to his pubic hair?

Gave literal meaning to Kevin being called a fire crotch.


What was the reasoning for Pete receiving the nickname Saint Pete?

Pete wanted to make sure than Ruxon would win the Sacko that season.


What had happened right before Ruxin had his stroke at the end of the 3rd season?

Apparently he has too much stress in his life and losing caused his body to just give up, which lead to a mild stroke.


When Jenny and Kevin tried to purchase weed from Taco's drug dealer, what was his code word for that ?

Clever and simple system but Kevin and Jenny still messed up their order.


Kevin and Jenny accidentally order a "DVD" from the dealer, what does a DVD mean?

A DVD meant a giant bag of cocaine.


While in the hospital, what ended up curing Ruxin of his aliments related to his stroke?

The league idolizes their trophy of Shiva, when he saw her working at the hospital he saw it as a sign related to winning and the league.


When Taco organized a surprise funeral for the cursed season of the league, there was an accident involving Pete and the Sacko meat brander. Where was Pete branded?​

He got a branded tramp stamp, forever being labeled by the Sacko!


How did the gang end up at the Dallas Cowboys training camp?

Taco had a signing cowboy business and thought he should start it in Dallas. He went online to make a website and was available. There had been a lapse of ownership with that particular domain, so he was able to purchase it.


In the end how much did the owner of the Cowboys pay Taco for the domain name?

Taco was now independently wealthy from that very lucky purchase.


How many people are in this particular league?

Their league was a very small league compared to others that they had come across.


What was the reason for Kevin trading his naming rights of his OWN unborn son to Ruxin?

He had never won the Shiva before, he had always come so close but when he finally won he wanted it to count.


Ruxin then traded naming rights of Kevin's soon to be born son to Taco for the 1st round draft pick of the new season. What was the name that Taco chose?

Maybe Taco picked this because it was a few of his favorite things...who knows?


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