Are You Ready to Get Engaged?

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You have been dating this one person for a while now, and things seem to be going well. But are things going well enough to get engaged? Are they "the one?" Take this quiz to find out.

How long have you known each other?

How long have you been going out?

How many times have you thought you were in love before?

How many times have you been engaged before?

How many times have you been married before?

Are you best friends?

How is your physical connection?

Do you love your significant other's family?

Does your family love your significant other?

Have you ever cheated on them?

Have they ever cheated on you?

Do you both want kids?

Do you both feel the same about religion?

How are you both with money?

What kind of ring should people that get engaged have?

Do you both have good jobs?

How much time to you spend apart?

Does your significant other get along with your friends?

How often do you fight?

Do you ever feel like you are "settling" because you are afraid of being alone?

Do you want the same kind of wedding?

What is the longest period you have ever spent staying over every night with them?

Do you fight when you go on vacation?

What do you like most about your partner?

Do you guys share money?

Do you keep secrets from your partner?

Could you see yourself never sleeping with anyone else ever?

Are you both the same level of neatness?

How much alone time do you need?

Does one of you party more than the other?

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