Are You Ready for Your First Kiss?

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Being in a relationship with someone is about sharing your thoughts, feelings and emotions through both verbal and nonverbal communication. While both are equally important, today we're going to explore one of the most passionate aspects of a relationship: kissing. And not just any random type of kiss, but your very first kiss!

A first kiss with that special someone can be both a wonderful and a scary thought to have. Many people place a great amount of emphasis on the first kiss because it's typically an important memory that will last a lifetime. It's like going to your first prom, falling in love with someone for the first time or trying something completely new. These are all aspects of a human being's life that serve as the foundation for their wisdom and overall charisma, and a first kiss is no exception to this. So don't worry if your first kiss ends up being awful, because at the end of the day, it's just a learning experience! Like almost any type of hobby or skill in life, you can become a great kisser with some time and practice. So tell us more about what you think your first kiss will be like and we'll tell you if you're ready for it!

When you think about your future first kiss, do you feel more happy or nervous about it?

Which of the following special locations would you like your first kiss to take place in?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how often do you think about your future first kiss?

Do you think that your first kiss will be a disaster or will it be magical like fireworks in the sky?

Who is going to make the first move when it comes to the big first kiss: you or your crush?

Do you already know who you want to kiss or are you still waiting for that special someone in your life?

Will the future first kiss involve French kissing or just a small peck on the lips?

How would you describe the type of attraction that you feel with your crush?

There are several great kissing scenes in movies, but which one would you like your first kiss to resemble?

Are you confident in your kissing skills, or do you think you're going to need some practice first?

If you were kissing someone with bad breath, would you stop them or keep going with the kiss?

Speed is important when it comes to the first kiss. Will your first kiss be more slow or fast?

If your first kiss ends up being a disaster, will you laugh it off or will you be upset by it?

Have you done any research so far when it comes to kissing, or will you let your instincts take the lead?

If you could control the weather during your first kiss, would you make the sky more rainy or sunny?

Would you rather kiss someone who is more experienced or someone who is a beginner?

Are you going to tell your crush that you want to kiss them or will you make more subtle moves?

How many dates would you want to have with your crush before sharing your first kiss with them?

Do you get that "butterfly feeling" in your stomach when you think about your crush?

Would you rather share your first kiss with your celebrity crush or with your current crush?

Holidays are a great time to share a first kiss with somebody! Which of these holidays would you pick for a romantic kiss?

Are you going to wrap your arms around your crush or gently hold their face during your first kiss?

Is it better to have a first kiss that is more spontaneous or more planned out in your mind?

Will there be music playing during your first kiss or would you prefer the sound of silence?

Do you imagine your first kiss to be more passionate or more calm like a river?

Can you easily overlook common kissing flaws or do you expect your first kiss to be 100% perfect?

Let's say that you're on a dinner date with your crush. Before you share your first kiss with them, what are you going to dine on?

Before your first kiss with that special someone, what are you going to smother your lips with?

We know that your crush is special, but what's your favorite feature about them?

Some people want their first kiss to be short while others want it to last a lifetime. Which one do you prefer?

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