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This always star-studded cruise confronts innocent mix-ups and misunderstandings, romance, and chance encounters on deck, in the cabin, or at the Captain's table.

For which cruise line does the Love Boat sail?

Princess Cruise lines saw an increase in business with the television show connection. The Pacific Princess was the ship used for the series. Today Princess offers 18 modern ships.


Julie McCoy was a staple of the staff. What was her position on the ship?

Julie always seemed to hold the rest of the staff together with her level head. "Cruise Director" has been adopted to apply to anyone who seems to be able to manage others effectively. Life jacket not included!


Which character had the nickname "Gopher"?

A purser is the accountant and handler of finances aboard a ship. Actor Fred Grandy played the goofy and lovable Gopher for almost the entire length of the series, from 1977-1986.


Which of the following actors was on all of the episodes?

Ted Lange played bartender, Isaac, for the entire series 1977-1987. His character often knew more than anyone else, since the passengers and crew shared their thoughts and feelings to the stereotypical "good listener" bartender.


Vicki Stubing became part of the staff in 1978. What was her relationship to Captain Stubing?

Vicki Stubing, played by Jill Whelan, added youth to the staff. This paved the way for younger characters to come aboard the Love Boat with their own conflicts of love and relationships.


Many musicians starred in the show over its 9 seasons. Which music group did NOT appear?

The Temptations appeared as themselves in 1985; Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers appeared as themselves in 1986; The Village People appeared as themselves in 1980.


What other popular show did ABC pair with "The Love Boat" on Saturday nights?

Ricardo Montalban, who starred as Mr. Roarke on "Fantasy Island," rode the wave (that followed "The Love Boat") from 1977-1984. In 1998, Montalban made an appearance in one episode of "The Love Boat: The Next Wave."


Which couple appeared together on the same episode before they became actual husband and wife?

Smith and Cole met on the set of Charlie's Angels. They were married from 1978-1981.


Which Academy Award-winning actor made his television debut on "The Love Boat"?

Tom Hanks made his television debut on "The Love Boat", just before role on Bosom Buddies. He played a Gopher's fraternity brother, and had a romantic interest in Julie, who was initially annoyed by him.


John Ritter appeared as a passenger who disguises himself while on board. What was he disguised as?

In a 1977 episode, John Ritter posed as a woman to grab the final cabin on a cruise, to follow his girlfriend who had dumped him. Ritter was hitting his television stride with "Three's Company" from 1976-1984.


Florence Henderson played a character named Annabelle Folker. What was her profession?

Henderson is best known for her role as Carol Brady in "The Brady Bunch," but she had a successful singing/acting career before the beloved family series. She toured with the show "Oklahoma" and performed on Broadway, as well as on many television variety shows.


In Season 7, Vicki and Julie swoon over a good-looking photographer, played by Ted McGinley. What is his character's name?

McGinley played the ship's photographer and appeared in over 59 episodes. Early in his career, he made his mark on television as the Cunningham's nephew on "Happy Days" and Clay Fallmont on "Dynasty."


What are the "Love Boat Mermaids"?

The Love Boat Mermaids appeared in 19 episodes. There were eight of them, and they accompanied some major acts, including warm up to The Temptations.


Which actress played one of the "Love Boat Mermaids"?

Teri Hatcher has come a long way since her days as a Mermaid. Her role as Sandra Delfino in "Desperate Housewives" (2004-2012) made her familiar to a wide audience, but she has been on many other popular television shows such as "Seinfeld," "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," and "MacGyver."


In "Only the Good Die Young," Isaac comforts the wife and son of a friend who recently died. The son, Timmy Somers, is played by which popular actor?

Emmanuel Lewis played in the popular series, "Webster," from 1983-1989. He also made commercials for Burger King, Colgate, Campbell's soup and many others.


Can you name the series' executive producer?

Aaron Spelling is one of the most successful television producers of all time. However, few know he began as an actor and had appearances in "I Love Lucy" and "Dragnet."


Which professional sports team cheerleading squad boards the ship in season 4?

The cheerleaders appeared as themselves in 1979 and 1980. They have also appeared on "Walker, Texas Ranger" (1996) and "The Bachelorette" (2016).


How many members of the regular Brady Bunch cast appeared on the show?

Florence Henderson, Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Christopher Knight, Robert Reed, and Ann B. Davis have all been on board.


Which actress plays Captain Stubing's rich and well-known sister?

Olivia DeHaviland is one of Hollywood's most celebrated actresses from the classic days. She won two Academy Awards and is the sister of Academy Award-winning actress Joan Fontaine.


Ted Lange's first on screen kiss for "The Love Boat" was with which actress?

Lange admitted he "messed up" the scene about 15 times so they could do re-takes. Carroll told him, "You have to stop that."


Bernie Kopell played "Doc," what was the last name of his character?

Adam Bricker was Doc's full name. According to a 2016 interview, Kopell said he was discovered when he was a cab driver in New York and he picked up producer Richard Einfeld, who offered him a part with two lines.


In the final regular season episode, what is Captain Stubing contemplating?

Stubing is planning to marry Emily Heywood (played by Marion Ross), while other crew members have their own thoughts on change. Gopher is thinking about managing a resort, and Ace is applying for Gopher's job.


Which regular cast member is a spokesperson for Princess Cruise Line?

In July 2016, MacLeod was celebrated and honored for his 30-year role as Global Ambassador for Princess. Several of his former co-stars joined him for the occasion.


How many plot lines were typical for each show?

Each episode had three separate plots, each with its own title. Shows that were in two parts had four or five plot lines.


The crew had family members woven into some of the episodes throughout the series. Who played Doc's ex-wife?

The ex-Mrs. Bricker shows up on the cruise with a new fiance, played by Lyle Waggoner. Louise is best known for her role as Ginger in "Gilligan's Island." Her jobs in the entertainment industry include Broadway, movies, television, and recording albums.


Which cast member from the television show "The Waltons" was NOT on "The Love Boat"?

Geer (Grandpa) 1 episode, Norton (Mary Ellen) 1 episode, and McDonough (Erin) 2 episodes, all made appearances on the romantic cruise liner. "The Waltons" had a run from 1971-1980.


Which of these was NOT a TV Love Boat movie?

"The Love Boat II" (1977); "The Fall Preview Special" (1984); "A Valentine Voyage" (1990). In 1988, an attempt was made to reboot the popular series, with a new crew led by Robert Urich. It only lasted 2 seasons.


Who sang the theme for "The Love Boat" and starred in two episodes?

Jack Jones was a popular singer in the 1960s. He earned two Grammys for Best Male Vocal Performance for "Lollipops and Roses" (1962) and "Wives and Lovers (1964)."


Which famous designer did NOT make an appearance on the show?

Season 4 includes a cruise to a fashion festival in Acapulco where designers, Vanderbilt, Mackie, and Halston play themselves. This was a special show that was presented in two parts.


Along with songwriter Charles Fox, who wrote the familiar music theme for the series?

Paul Williams wrote many memorable tunes such as the Carpenters' "We've Only Just Begun," and "Rainy Days and Mondays," and Kermit the Frog's "Rainbow Connection." He is a Golden Globe, Academy Award, and Grammy award winner, who was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2015.


Fred Grandy (Gopher) left the show in 1987 and pursued a political career as a congressman. For which state?

Grandy served in the Iowa House of Representatives for four terms. In 1996, he made an unsuccessful bid for Iowa governor.


Fred Grandy served as best man in whose wedding?

Grandy was a roommate of Dwight D. Eisenhower's grandson at Phillips Exeter Academy. Grandy graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard with a degree in English.


Ted Lange was part of which original Broadway cast?

Lange has written over 30 plays. Little known fact: He attended high school with The Pointer Sisters.


A number of episodes include a passenger or crew member's encounter with an ex-spouse. Who did NOT play an ex?

Although ex-spouses made for interesting story lines, former loves in the plots were used more often. Both the Captain and Doc had ex-wives on board.


A 1984 episode directly addressed the LGTB community. Which crew member is confided in for a friend's "coming out"?

As the AIDS epidemic was becoming more public, this was the first episode to address a gay character. Doc's friend is a fraternity brother played by Roy Thinnes.


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