Are you Patsy or Edina (an Absolutely Fabulous quiz)?

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Sweetie, darling. Darling, sweetie. You know you are fabulous, but are you Absolutely Fabulous like Patsy or Edina? Which one of Britain's favorite party animals are you?

Which kind of scarf are you most likely to wear?

Which supermodel would you most like to party with?

Which kind of liquor do you most prefer?

Who is your favorite American comedienne?

Which U.K. city would you most like to visit?

Which fashion designer do you like most?

Which British band do you like most?

Which term of endearment do you like most?

How do you feel about children?

What is your favorite thing to do at a party?

Which city's fashion week would you most like to attend?

Which cosmetic do you use most often?

What should Saffy do to relax?

Which British television series have you watched the most?

Which British actress do you like most?

What activity would you like to do with Edina?

What activity would you most like to do with Patsy?

What do you like most about Patsy and Edina's friendship?

Which hairstyle would you consider trying?

Where would you not like to take Patsy and Edina?

Which rock singer do you find most attractive?

What do you think Patsy and Edina should stop doing?

Which game would you play at a slumber party with Patsy and Edina?

Which country would you like to visit with Patsy and Edina?

Which secondary "Absolutely Fabulous" character do you like most?

Do you like champagne?

Which "Absolutely Fabulous" character do you think has their life together the most?

Which American actor would you like to see guest star on "Absolutely Fabulous?"

What do you think your best friend likes most about you?

Which costume would you wear to a Halloween party?

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