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Insane deadlines. Materials from the garbage. Cut-throat competition. Add all that to critical judges and you'll have a runway show that puts the contestants’ design skills, wits and determination to the test. Remember the past winners, losers, fan favorites, judges and guest stars on the one and only Project Runway. SPOILER ALERT!

The deadlines are insane. One day to do an outfit, two days to do a haute couture design. Why?

All of the above. The show films in August. The hectic schedule is due to Parsons being an actual design school and is therefore closed for a specific amount of time before the summer and fall semesters. However, this hectic schedule serves the show well. It tests the fashion-making skills and stress reactions of the contestants on a daily basis.


If you start the season in the bottom two, is it possible to win the season?

It’s totally unpredictable. Don’t count out those that start off at the bottom. To show how unpredictable the show is, as of season 13, Gretchen (season 8) is the only designer to win the first challenge before winning her season; in sharp contrast, Jeffrey Sebelia (season 3) is the only winning designer to be in the bottom two for the first challenge before winning the competition.


Who says this? “As you know in fashion, one day you're in. And the next day, you're out.”

Heidi Klum, the executive producer and host of Project Runway is known for saying these cutting words. Klum is a German-American model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer, and occasional actress. She appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and in 1999 became the first German model to become a Victoria's Secret Angel. Currently, besides Project Runway she can be seen on the NBC reality show America's Got Talent as one of the judges.


Who is known for saying, “Make it work!”?

Tim Gunn utters these memorable words whenever the designers are flustered. He is the caring mentor on Project Runway. Recently the show refashioned its rules to allow Tim Gunn to save one designer from elimination in season 12. Tim is a fashion consultant, television personality, actor, and voice actor. He served on the faculty of Parsons School for Design from 1982 to 2007 and was chair of fashion design at the school from August 2000 to March 2007, after which he joined Liz Claiborne as its chief creative officer.


Which of these are fashion challenges you’ve seen on the show?

These challenges may include creating a garment from non-traditional materials, such as: apartment furnishings (Season 3), recyclable materials (Season 3), items from a grocery store (Seasons 1 & 5), edible food items (Seasons 1, 4 & 10) for example. The contestants in Season 2 had to use their own clothes that they happened to be wearing. Contestants also had to design for a certain high-profile person (such as actress Brooke Shields, figure skater Sasha Cohen or Miss USA Tara Conner). And even design for a corporate fashion line (e.g., Banana Republic; Diane von Fürstenberg; Macy's; or Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten).


Although Project Runway is known for giving designers not enough time to design an outfit. Once they are in the final three. How long do they have to design their collection?

After the final challenge, the remaining three designers are then told to prepare a complete fashion collection of twelve looks to be presented at New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park. The finalists are given 12 weeks and $8000 for this task, which they perform at their own homes or studios. While some construction work can be outsourced, the majority of the garments must be created by the designers themselves.


What is the name of the store that the contestants frequent to purchase fabric?

The contestants shop for materials at a fabric store in New York's Garment District, usually at MOOD Designer Fabrics. There are times when the challenge requires the contestants to shop somewhere else (e.g., denim jackets and jeans from Levi's, confectionery and souvenirs at the Hershey's Store in Times Square, or fabric at Spandex House in Season 4).


How does a contestant get immunity?

Typically, the winner receives immunity for the next challenge, and therefore cannot be eliminated. As the season progresses, immunity is disregarded to prevent the designers from getting an easy pass to make it into the final round. Other incentives given to the contestants aside from winning immunity include: The winning garment may be featured in print media, integrated into a limited edition look for a particular clothing brand, or sold at an online fashion store (e.g., beginning in Season 4 onwards).


What happens to the designers who have the bottom three scores?

The elimination process is hard for the judges as well as the contestants. Once the bottom three are identified by their low score, the judges talk about the outfits with more specific comments and questions. Although there are times when the judges decide not to eliminate someone, generally, the loser of each challenge is eliminated from the competition. Host Klum gives him or her a double air kiss on the runway and wishing the designer farewell with her catchphrase, Auf Wiedersehen (formal German for goodbye with literal translation "until we meet again"), before they depart. Thus, elimination from the show is sometimes called "being auf'd"—a play on words as it can be interpreted as offed.


Who was the fan favorite in the first season?

Austin Scarlett was a fan favorite on the very first season. He produced a decoy collection for Fashion Week after being eliminated in the controversial "Nancy O'Dell Grammy Challenge", causing outrage among fans. His appearance at Fashion Week was an 11th hour decision made by the show's producers who were concerned that the identity of the three finalists would be revealed before the Project Runway Season 1 finale aired. The ploy was later adopted for the show's succeeding seasons.


What happened to the first winner of Project Runway, Jay McCarroll?

Like the show's other participants, McCarroll was struggling to get recognition as a fashion designer before the show began airing on December 1, 2004, on the Bravo cable television network. When McCarroll won the show's first season, becoming the only winner so far to never win a challenge, he was awarded $100,000, a mentorship from Banana Republic, and a spot in the prestigious 2005 New York Fashion Week event. However, Jay turned down the money and the mentorship, citing a contractual clause stipulating that the Project Runway production company would own a 10% stake of all his professional ventures in perpetuity. The company has since dropped this clause.


In Season three which of these dramatic scenes happened?

It was Michael Jackson hair that caught fire during filming of a Pepsi Commercial. Heidi Klum was fine. But Season three saw designer Keith Michael be asked to leave the show for multiple rule violations. He was found to be in possession of prohibited pattern-making books and left the production site for several hours, during which time he used the internet. Sebelia was accused of having outside help to finish his garments by fellow competitor Laura Bennett. The issue was investigated, and it was declared that he had followed the guidelines. Also, for the first time, the last four designers (instead of three were selected as finalists with no decoy collection to serve as a distraction before the finale aired, and allowed to compete at New York Fashion Week.


What was a “first” in Season 5?

This was the first season a designer was compelled to quit the competition due to a very antibiotic-resistant form of a staph infection. Jack Mackenroth left in Episode 5 and was replaced by Chris March, who had been the most recently eliminated designer. According to a 2007 interview with TV Guide, Mackenroth said, “I went immediately to the production staff and said, "I think I have a staph infection in my face and I need to seek medical attention." They got on it, and I had medical treatment, but it wasn’t working fast enough.”


In Season eight they did something new. What was it?

The eighth season on a new network (Lifetime) with a new 90-minute format for each episode featured 17 competing designers, the most in the show's history. The 90-minute format allowed them to have more designers on the show. Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn all returned for the eighth season.


Which contestant was known for saying, “Fierce!”

Siriano first gained attention after winning the fourth season of American design competition show Project Runway, becoming the series' youngest winner. He launched his namesake "Christian Siriano" collection in 2008, which brought in revenue of over $1.2 million by 2010 and was estimated to have reached $5 million by 2012. His catchphrase “Fierce” caught fire on social media as did his career.


Which of these judges are NOT on the panel?

Alyssa Milano does not belong on the panel of judges for Project Runway, however she does belong on Project Runway All Stars as its host and one of the judges. Alyssa Milano is known for her roles in the ABC sitcom Who's the Boss? (1984–92), the Fox soap opera Melrose Place (1997–98), The WB series Charmed (1998–2006) and the ABC drama Mistresses (2013–14).


Which of these fashion designers have been a guest judge on Project Runway?

There have been many fashion designers who sat in as guest judges on the show. For instance, there have been Diane von Fürstenberg, Vera Wang, Zac Posen, Austin Scarlett, Francisco Costa, Betsey Johnson, Alberta Ferretti, Roberto Cavalli, Monique Lhuillier, and Catherine Malandrino to name a few. Some of the guest judges were once contestants, and are used in other ways besides guest judging. For instance, many of them have been chosen to help select the final contestants who will be competing on the show.


Which of these celebrities have been guest judges?

With each season, a new celebrity guest will be invited to join the panel of judges. Thus far, there has been Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Aguilera, Nicky Hilton, and Natalie Portman to name a few.


What are some of the duties that Tim Gunn performs on the show?

Tim’s main role is to act as mentor to the designers and does not participate in the judging. Instead, he visits the designers midway through each challenge to comment and suggest improvements for each design, as well as announcing additional challenge updates and enforcing the time limit before each runway show. Gunn also usually announces the design challenges along with Klum, and accompanies the designers during their fabric shopping at MOOD or on field trips related to a particular challenge. Gunn serves other functions as well, including bidding farewell to each eliminated designer and model, and visiting the homes of each of the three or four finalist designers. Recently, he has also been given the opportunity to save a designer who has been eliminated.


In Season 4, a post show program was created called, "It's Sew Not Over". What was this program about?

In Season 4, a post show competition was created called, "It's Sew Not Over" where the designers were asked to create a three-piece collection that would be voted online by the viewing public. Jillian Lewis was chosen as the winner and received a check for $10,000.


In Season 9 there was a mishap with a money envelope for Mood. What happened?

In Season 9, Anya lost her money envelope in Mood, and as result was only able to buy $11 worth of fabric with leftover money that Anthony Ryan gave her, and had to make the rest out of muslin (they did go back to get $50 worth of fabric for another garment, which she did not lose, but she still only had about a third of what everyone else did). Yet, she made it work and won the challenge!


In Season 13 the Runway becomes a “RAINway” as the path that the models walk has simulated rain falling down on it from above. What happens in that episode?

In Season 13, episode 8, the Runway plays a major role in the fashion design since simulated rain will fall from above onto the walkway. The designers have to design a dress around this theme. In a moment of genius, Sean Kelly designs a dress with powdered dye pouches inside. When the rain hits them, the dye releases onto the white dress he made. It wins him the challenge.


Season 6 was the only season that was filmed where?

Season 6 was the first and only season of Project Runway to be filmed in Los Angeles, at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, rather than in New York and Parson’s School of Design. Another first included that this was the first time in Project Runway history that only three contestants showed their collections at New York Fashion Week. The three finalists of the sixth season showed their collections at Bryant Park on February 20, 2009, but the finalists were not named and did not appear onstage that day. This was the second consecutive season where all three finalists were female. Christopher Straub won the Fan Favorite Award that season.


Season 7 had a first as well. Which of the following is correct?

This was the first season a designer was compelled to quit the competition for personal reasons. Maya Luz, who left the competition unexpectedly in Episode 11 after deciding that she did not have enough experience to "go all the way", was replaced by Anthony Williams, who had been the most recently eliminated designer. In a finale twist, Mila Hermanovski and Jay Nicolas Sario, the bottom two of the last challenge, had to show the three best pieces from their collections to the judges to find out which one would be in the final three.


Season 10 had even more drama, what happened?

Celebrating the show's tenth season milestone, Project Runway launched with a fashion show in front of a live audience. This season featured the first time two designers quit on the same season. Andrea Katz and Kooan Kosuke both quit on Episode 3 due to personal reasons. Andrea left in the middle of the night unseen, and when producers attempted to contact her, she did not answer. After several hours, she finally e-mailed the producers to tell them that she was safe, but she was officially withdrawing from the competition. After Andrea made the decision to withdraw from the competition, Kooan decides to leave the competition during the day as a result of crumbling under the pressure. The producers decided to reinstate Raul so that they would not have fewer competitors than they were supposed to have .Dmitry Sholokhov won the competition and Elena Slivnyak won the fan favorite award.


The designer who won Season 14 was different than all the others, how so?

The winner was still decided based on design, fashion sense, and whether they added a new look or voice to the fashion industry. Ashley Nell Tipton was the first plus-size designer to win Project Runway. Her collection was based Mexico City in the 1950s where there was a lot of lace and headpieces made with flowers


Season 11 had a new way the contestants needed to compete, what was it?

The new contestants were thrown into a panic when they discovered they will be participating in the series first-ever "Teams Edition." But that wasn't the only "first". In Episode 8 the contestants designed outfits for the male revue Australia's Thunder from Down Under. Heidi and the judges declared that due to the low scores in all the garments, there would be no winner of the challenge. This has never happened in a past competition. An interesting fact is that the winner of Season 11, Michelle Lesniak Franklin, was the fourth Portland-based designer to win “Project Runway” (after Leanne Marshall, Gretchen Jones and Seth Aaron Henderson).


In Season 13 there were 18 new designers and 1 returning designer as voted by the public. Amanda Valentine from Season 11, as well as Alexander Pope and Ken Laurence from Season 12 where top contenders. Who won and competed on the show?

Not only did Amanda Valentine win the public’s vote, she came in second in the finale. Sean Kelly won the competition. Kini Zamora placed third and Char Glover placed fourth. Originally, Char would have been eliminated in Episode 6, but she was given a second chance and returned to the show by Tim Gunn who used his "Tim Gunn Save."


Beginning in Season 13 there was a special episode called Road to the Runway, what was this show about?

This was a special episode during which Tim Gunn shared how the Season 13 designers were chosen. First there was a nationwide casting call where hundreds of aspiring designers submitted their portfolios and home videos. From there the most promising designers were invited to audition before a panel of judges which included Tim Gunn and PR alums Mondo Guerra (Season 8 runner-up and winner of the first Project Runway: All Stars), Laura Kathleen (Season 9), Anthony Ryan (Season 9 and winner of the second Project Runway: All Stars), Nick Verreos (Season 2 and winning mentor on Under the Gunn) and Dimitry Sholokhov (Season 10 winner). Eighteen designers were selected for the final audition on Episode 1. Of note is that Emily, Kini, Korina and Tim had unsuccessfully tried out for past seasons of PR.


There was another competition that was part of the Project Runway competition, and happened during the show, what was it?

Female fashion models, who work with the designers throughout the season, are also in the competition called Models of the Runway. Models are randomly pre-assigned to a designer during the first challenge, but from the second challenge onwards, the designers are able to choose the model with whom they wish to work. Originally, model selection happened at the start of every episode save for the first. The winner of the previous challenge receiving first pick, and the other designers picking models in order through Klum's random draw of large red shirt buttons with their names stored in a black velvet bag. Beginning with Season 6, model selection appears on a companion program, Models of the Runway. At the end of the weekly model selection process, the one unpicked model is sent home. The final winner gets a spread in Marie Claire Magazine or Elle magazine. Some seasons there is a monetary award of $25,000 as well.


How did the Project Runway All Stars program come about?

Project Runway All Stars is a spin-off of the hit series Project Runway, featuring thirteen designers from previous Project Runway seasons. The show has run for 5 seasons. Angela Lindvall and Carolyn Murphy have each hosted one season, and the last three seasons have been hosted by Alyssa Milano. Designers Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman are the other recurring judges. Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles mentors the veteran designers.


Project Runway has been such a huge success that there are plenty of shows that have been inspired by it. Which of these programs have ties to Project Runway?

Obviously Under the Gunn is tied to Project Runway through Tim Gunn’s star power. In Under the Gunn, Tim Gunn helps previous Project Runway winners hone mentoring and managing skills as they uncover new design talent. Project Accessory got a lift in ratings by airing directly after the season finale of Season 9’s Project Runway. The platform was similar to Project Runway in that 12 contestants participated in challenges to design and display the most amazing accessories. Project Runway: Junior is a direct spin-off of Project Runway except with teen designers aged between 13 and 17.


The show itself won a prestigious award, what was it?

It won a Peabody Award in 2007 "for using the 'television reality contest' genre to engage, inform, enlighten and entertain.


34. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn have won a prestigious award, what was it?

Since 2008 on, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn have been nominated for the Emmy award. They won the Emmy nomination in 2013 for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program. Klum has been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards in 2008 as a Choice TV Personality. And in 2008 she was also nominated by Online Film & Television Association Award in the category of Best Host or Performer of a Game, Reality, or Competition Show.


How many seasons has Project Runway been on the air?

Project Runway premiered its first season on December 1, 2004, and the fifteenth season will premiere on September 15, 2016. In May 2016, Lifetime renewed the show for three seasons more (16- 18) in a deal with Weinstein Co. The series spinoffs, Project Runway All Stars and Project Runway Junior, also are renewed for two and one seasons more respectively.


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