Are You Naturally Talented or Skillfully Taught?

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Okay, we all know how good you are at what you do, that isn't even the issue. But how did it happen, are you this good naturally or did you learn from some of the best?

Can you pick up a musical instrument and play it right away?

Which basketball player do you identify most with?

Were you one of the smartest kids in kindergarden?

How often do you take lessons to learn something?

Have you ever had a mentor?

If you were at a gym, what would you be doing?

How often do people comment on how talented you are?

How would you write a book?

How would you train for a marathon?

Who do you admire more, people that worked hard to succeed, or just were good at things naturally?

Do you like to have a training period at a new job?

Are you good at writing poems and songs?

Were you confident with the opposite sex at a young age?

What was it like when you first learned to drive?

Would you ever consider writing a book?

Are you proud of yourself for what you have achieved?

Have you had a teacher that really made a difference in your life?

You were an all star in high school, but your college coach is telling you to do things differently, how do you react?

How are you at assembling things?

Have you ever been on a horse?

Do you like self-help books?

Are there people in your life that do what you do best that are better than you?

Do people ever tell you that you could be better at what you do if you worked harder?

Do you set a lot of goals for yourself?

How early do you get up if you need to get something important done?

Have you ever pulled an all nighter studying for a big exam?

How naturally athletic are you?

Do you believe anyone can succeed at anything with enough hard work?

Why is Tom Brady so darn good?

Did you take swimming lessons?

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