Are You More Redneck or City Slicker?

Zoe Samuel

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Some of us are country boys and girls in a muddy pair of boots, and others are urban sophisticates in patent leather. Take this quiz to find out which lifestyle best suits you!

What noise do you like to keep you up late at night?

What noise do you like to wake you in the morning?

Do you fear mud?

What party do you like?

What's the furthest you can be from a Wi-Fi network without crying?

How long can you go without looking at your phone?

What are you drinking?

What's on the radio?

Do you like guns?

How do you get around your local area?

What size dog can you have without feeling cruel?

What's your usual daily outfit?

What do you wear to work?

Can you be without trees without going nuts?

Where does milk come from?

Do you know how to identify a stinging nettle?

How many Thai restaurants within delivery distance is the safe minimum for a viable home?

Do you mow a lawn?

Do you need a lot of sky?

How ambitious are you?

What sort of people do you want to hang out with often?

How many of your clothes are dry clean only?

There is a mouse in your house! How do you feel about that?

Have you ever collected an egg while it was still warm from the chicken?

What is brunch?

How do you feel about horses?

What's your idea of a romantic evening?

Do you know the bartender's name at your local?

How many theaters is the absolute minimum you need within a two-hour drive to be sure you're sufficiently entertained?

Do you ever go out to a movie that is neither a franchise sequel nor in English, just for fun?

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