Are you more Rachel or Monica?

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All "Friends" fans out there have posed the question to themselves or their best friends: "Are you more Rachel or Monica?" Do you keep your group together as Mama bear, or are you too busy just trying to get your life together to focus on everyone else? Looks aside, take this quiz and answer the question that's plagued you since the 1990s. Are you more Rachel or Monica?

What is the best use of your weekend?

What do you eat for breakfast?

How clean do you keep your home?

What is one thing that belongs to your partner you have used, but you would never tell?

What one word describes most of your friends?

What one word would most of your friends use to describe you?

What is your favorite non-"Friends" sitcom of the '90s?

Do you cheat, or get cheated on?

What kind of pet would be cool to have?

Who bugs you most?

Which is your favorite Rachel quote?

Which is your favorite Monica quote?

What are the rules if you are on a break from your boyfriend?

Have you ever dated a best friend?

How do you take your coffee?

What is the most overused quote from "Friends"?

What are you likely watching on TV at 2:00 AM?

How do you measure flour for cookies?

Who would you date from "Friends"?

If you knew that they knew you knew they knew, would you tell?

What is your goal in life?

What is something odd found in your purse?

What is your favorite comedy movie?

What do you have too many of?

How do you get over a break-up?

When you meet someone for brunch, you are usually...

What food would be "testing boundaries" for you?

How competitive are you?

Your favorite store is having a clearance sale, but you're broke. What do you do?

What do you bring to a friend's house for a small gathering?

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