Are You More Nymph or Fairy?

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While people often confuse nymphs and fairies, they are distinct beings. Legends of some supernatural creatures date back to ancient Greece, when the likes of Homer wrote about sweet singing sirens that ruled over rivers and shifted ocean tides. These nymphs, which assumed the form of beautiful women, weren't all benevolent, though — sometimes, they would fool the gods or send sailors astray. 

Meanwhile, European folklore told of playful, thumb-sized beings that flew around flowers and sometimes played pranks on humans. In Scottish legend, fairies of the Seelie Court played harmless tricks on people, while the more malicious fairies of the Unseelie Court often led them to their doom. Humans tended to demonize them for this reason, but these fairies surely thought they were simply giving people their due. Can you blame them? 

So, which are you more like: the playful fairies or the nature-loving nymphs? Will you hop from lily pad to lily pad or become one with the mountains, rivers and seas? Will you fly around and sprinkle fairy dust or grant wishes to mortals? Will you dance or sing or shape-shift, slip silver dollars under pillows or lead the gods safely home? You'll have to answer the following questions to find out!  

In your natural habitat, what can you most likely be found doing?

As a mythical figure, which natural entity do you rule over?

It goes without saying that pixies and nymphs dwell in different types of homes than humans. Where is your magical home located?

In your magical dwelling, you're bound to make some new friends. Who will be your new BFF?

In the supernatural world, which animal friends would you be most excited to hang out with?

Which figure from mythology do you most identify with?

A magical being visits you and offers you immortality. Will you take it?

How will you spend your days in your new otherworldly land?

Which one of these devious things would you most likely do? (Whether you like it or not, you have to choose one!)

Obviously, as a supernatural being, you will possess a few superpowers. What's one of yours?

You will assume an ethereal appearance, like all supernatural beings. What will you look like?

A magical being bestows a special gift upon you. What do you hope it is?

A supernatural neighbor wants to surprise you! Which item is most likely to please you?

Which one of these words describes you best?

Do you prefer to spend time on your own or with other magical beings?

Do you feel like others constantly blame you for stuff you didn't do or have no control over?

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't love Disney movies. So, which one of these Disney characters do you identify with most?

As a supernatural being, you must shed your human clothes in favor of something a little more magical. What will you wear?

Let's pretend that you plan to throw a party this year. Which occasion would you most like to celebrate?

Not everyone is as lucky as you. What do you consider the most fun part of being a magical being?

In real life, how tall are you?

In ancient Greece, Empedocles proposed the existence of four classical elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Which element best represents you?

As a magical being, you will need to find new ways to communicate with humans. At first, nonbelievers might not notice you. So, how will you capture their attention when you need to chat?

A mortal asks you to grant them some wishes. What do you say?

Do you like the attention that humans, animals and mythical creatures show you, now that you're magical?

Time to enjoy a bite to eat. What sounds tastiest?

There's a lot to worry about in this world. If you had to choose, though, which cause would you champion?

Which one of these everyday things that people do drives you crazy?

Time to pick up a new instrument. Which will you learn to play?

Imagine the following natural sounds in your head. Which sounds most peaceful to you?

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