Are You More Like Judas or John?

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It's comforting to know that Biblical figures were people too. We can learn so much from their triumphs and mistakes. This personality quiz focuses on two New Testament favorites: Judas Iscariot and John the Apostle. Are you more like Judas or John? Answer a series of questions in a "What would you do in Judas' or John's shoes?" sort of way. 

Would you even consider taking a bribe so that those in authority might take down your beloved leader? Are you more of a leader than a follower? Do you get bored easily? Does the thought of "status quo" make your insides tingle? Take stock in knowing that there's probably some degree of both Judas and John in us all. Without Judas' major mistake, there would be no such thing as salvation. His major error set things on a wonderful course. Are you able to rebound from mistakes by seeing the bigger picture? And without John the Apostle, how would we know what being a close-to-perfect disciple or follower looks like. 

Yes, there are traces of Judas and John in most of us. Scroll on and see just how much!

Could you write as prolifically as John the Apostle?

In the end, Judas wasn't a very loyal follower of Jesus. Are you loyal to your leaders until the very end?

Judas showed a huge level of disrespect to Jesus by betraying him. Do you have respect for humanity?

John the Apostle sacrificed a lot in his life to follow Jesus. Would you sacrifice that much for something in which you believed?

John the Apostle resisted the religious leaders of his time. Are you a fan or a rebel of the status quo?

Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. How much would it cost for you to betray an innocent person?

It takes a lot of determination to follow through when your leader is absent, like John the Apostle did after Jesus' Ascension. Do you have that kind of drive and dedication?

Somewhere along the line, Judas became distracted from Jesus'​ very clear message of salvation. Are you easily distracted by competing ideas?

John the Apostle followed Jesus' message of unconditional generosity. Are you more of a taker or are you a giver?

John the Apostle and Jesus' other disciples exhibited sound temperament​ even when they observed their leader's unjust punishment. Could you endure that kind of mental anguish?

When Judas conspired with religious leaders to trap Jesus, he was quick to ask them: "What will ye give me?" Are you a "what's in it for me?" kind of person?

Judas was so remorseful of his acts against Jesus that he returned his reward to the chief priests and elders. Would guilt compel you to do the same?

Unbeknownst to Judas, his betrayal of Jesus led to a really great conclusion for Christians! Have you ever made a mistake that, in retrospect, turned out to be a huge benefit.

John the Apostle demonstrated an extremely high level of faith when he believed and followed Jesus, even before seeing miracles. Are words alone enough to convince you of extraordinary things?

John the Apostle may have been a follower, but he was wise to follow someone he considered wiser. Do you mind following others?

Jesus called James, the son of Zebedee, and John the Apostle, his brother, to follow him. Would you feel more or less comfortable making a big commitment if you did so with someone you knew?

The 26th chapter of Matthew states that Judas "went unto the chief priest" to plot against Jesus. Does it take a lot for you to do wrong or do you casually pursue "wrong"?

The 17th chapter of Matthew recounts how Jesus took Peter, James and John up to a high mountain to see him transfigure into a being of light. Could you handle seeing something like that?

The 13th chapter of John's gospel calls John the Apostle "the beloved disciple." Would you be OK following someone if you weren't their favorite?

Judas not only betrayed Jesus, but he sealed his betrayal with a kiss as a sign for the authorities to capture Jesus. Are you that calculated when is comes to doing misdeeds?

Judas must have maintained a serious poker face in his dealings with the other disciples, who didn't suspect he was capable of betrayal. Are you that hard to read?

Are you sensitive to receiving spiritual messages?

Judas suffered a gruesome end as a result of his iniquity against Jesus. Would you be brave enough to reap what you've sown?

When Judas finally double-crossed his leader, "a great multitude with swords and staves" came with him. Do you need backup to assist you with your treachery?

John the Apostle was known as a humble and attentive listener. Do you practice humility around influential people?

Judas gave back his "money bag" in the end, so money may not have been the true reason for his ultimate disloyalty. Are you honest with yourself about your true motives for doing things?

Judas was an aggressive and ambitious disciple. Do you think these are good traits for a follower to have for a follower?

Jesus referred to John and his brother James as "The Sons of Thunder" because they exhibited agressive ambition. Are you surprised to know that even John erred in the eyes of Jesus?

In the 13th chapter of John's gospel, after dining with his disciples, Jesus says, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me." If you were the guilty party, would you fess up then and there?

Judas shall be synonymous with "traitor" for many years to come. Would you mind having this title for countless generations, until the end of days?

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