Are You More Like God or Satan?

Olivia Cantor

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Can you honestly say you're more like God or Satan today? This quiz might help you search for your way!

It's the 21st century, and we're making progress in leaps and bounds. Regarding technology, we're now witnessing science fiction become science fact. Academic breakthroughs also happen every now and then. Research and development pave the way for advancements in many fields. But what about spirituality and religiosity?

Now those two things are different in nature. When we say spirituality, we refer to how something affects our souls. On the other hand, religiosity is connected to how we practice institutional belief systems. Ideally, these two concepts should go hand in hand in our daily practice. But it seems harder to pull this off these days. Why is that?

Religious leaders say we're in an era full of distractions. Material things take over our lives. We forget how to feel and connect with each other. Emotional growth takes a back seat when ambition drives our lives.

How about you? Does this sound familiar? Have you been encountering these thoughts, feelings or concepts in your life? No judgments here, OK? Let's just pause and reflect on how we are now. Let this lighthearted quiz remind you of things long forgotten. Let this be a reminder, too, of what needs to happen more. After all, it's always your call.

Do you feel like creating something out of your own image and likeness?

Greed: A credible life creed or only for the bad seeds?

Are you a firm believer in the concept of "basic human kindness?"

"Go forth and multiply!" Is this still a good motto today?

Someone hurt you! Will you "turn the other cheek" or hit back?

Lust: Love it or leave it?

When you're good, you're truly good; like you'll part a sea to let your team pass by. Does this sound like you?

Are you always playing the devil's advocate in any conversation or situation?

"Love makes the world go round," they say. Do you believe that?

Wrath: Embrace it or eschew it?

If you feel like being bad, you will be bad; like you'll flood the earth to start on a clean slate. Agree or disagree?

Do you believe in karmic retribution?

Pride: Support it or shun it?

"The end justifies the means." Do you subscribe to that belief?

Was Belinda Carlisle right in singing "Heaven is a Place on Earth?"

Envy: A concept that's ideally rock-steady or just negatively heavy?

Can you tolerate people who commit crimes?

To communicate, do you use fantastic tools or the usual devices?

Graft and corruption: Are these the fundamental tools of running a government?

"Love your neighbor as you love your self." Does this sound right to you?

Schadenfreude! Do you find "happiness at the misfortune of others?"

Do you know how to reward people loyal to you?

Will you go out of your way to help a stranger in need?

Corporal punishment: Is it effective or not?

Will you send your own child to save wayward people?

No matter how much someone hurt you, will you forgive easily if they show they're truly sorry?

Do you watch shows like "How to Get Away With Murder" to, um, "take notes"?

Can you be friends with a glutton or a sloth?

If you've got immense power to change things, how will you use it?

Zeal or zealot: Are you big on recruiting people to believe in your cause?

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