Are You More Like Eevee or Pikachu?

Heather Cahill

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Pikachu is arguably the most well-known Pokemon in the franchise. It is the mascot, after all! Eevee is quite popular as well and has since become one of the main faces of the franchise after the release of the "Pokemon: Let's Go!" games. Fans of the show will know the two adorable faces well, as Pikachu was always traveling alongside his trainer Ash, while Eevee was a Pokemon used by Gary.

Pikachu is a Pokemon full of personality and life. It's hard to forget its journey with Ash, from the day they met and Pikachu refused to get into its Poke Ball, to their travels throughout the many different regions where they became inseparable. Eevee is known to not only be cute, but it can pack a punch! Its many evolutions allow for it to mold into whatever type suits it the best. Gary's Eevee was always noted by whoever came across it to be very intelligent. It would be hard to choose between the two because there's so much to admire about both Pokemon!

So, if you've ever wondered which of the two Pokemon you are most like, then look no further. Take the quiz to see if you shine like Pikachu or if you stun like Eevee!

If you traveled the Pokemon world like Ash, which friend would go along with you?

Whether it's mentally or physically, do you like to keep active?

Your favorite school subject is which of the following?

If you were a Pokemon, which Poke Ball would your trainer keep you inside?

Do you have trouble staying productive?

What type of media are you most interested in or spend the most time consuming?

Do you favor Pokemon who have many evolutions or do you prefer Pokemon with a lower amount of them?

You would love to have your home in which of the following places?

Are you a leader like Ash or a follower like Brock or Misty?

How would your friends describe you to someone who doesn't know you?

Regular Pokemon are great, but legendaries are pretty rare. Which legendary Pokemon is your favorite?

You would say that your favorite season is which of the following?

What's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Some moves are deemed cool, while others are pretty cute. What Pokemon move would you like to use if you were a Pokemon?

When a friend is in need, what do you do?

Are you energetic and full of life or would you describe yourself as more relaxed?

Though it might not seem like it, there's a lot of relaxing done in the different regions of the universe. What is the best way to relax in the Pokemon world?

When someone does something questionable, do you try to see the best in them?

Though it's a skill that not everyone has, would you consider yourself to be creative?

So many generations, so little time! Which generation of Pokemon is your favorite?

A person that you're not fond of just joined a group that you're in. What do you do?

If you had to choose a starter Pokemon, which type would it be?

Are you one to go out and party or do you like to spend your time at home?

If you could do any job in the Pokemon universe, what would you do?

There are the ones who love to compete and others who love the companions. What kind of Pokemon trainer would you be?

How do you define your success?

What's the best way to get around the Pokemon universe?

Just like in real life, there are all different types of characters in the Pokemon universe. Which person from the show could you be best friends with?

If you lived in any Pokemon region, where would you choose?

You've just beaten the Elite Four and Team Rocket shows up. What do you do?

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