Are You More Dog Than Human?

Zoe Samuel

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Dogs have been mankind's best friend for well over ten thousand years now, and just as you start to take after anyone around whom you spend time, many of us are really starting to resemble our dogs. We don't necessarily mean physically (though there are certainly always more people out there who want to wear matching man-and-dog sweaters than you'd expect). We mean that just as dogs are becoming fussier about their surroundings as they enjoy the benefits of civilization, humans who have the good fortune to be around dogs a lot are taking on the characteristics of those dogs.

Some of these traits are absolutely wonderful ones that we should all really strive to attain. These include loyalty, discretion and the ability to love without judgment. Anyone who has enjoyed the deep and abiding love that a devoted hound can give would surely desire to experience this marvel from the other side, after all! However, there are other doggie traits that are perhaps less wonderful, such as a tendency to eat something without knowing what it is or being just a smidge needy (or maybe incredibly needy).

Have you crossed over to the dog side? It's time to find out!

Be honest: How needy are you?

Do you tidy your living room before you go to bed?

Would you swim in a strange body of water?

Have you ever taken a drink from a stranger?

There's hair all over everything in the closet. Do you wear it anyway?

What are you afraid of that you know probably can't really hurt you?

Do you secretly really enjoy judging other people?

Do you often ruminate about your flaws and failures?

Do you eat when you are not hungry?

How do you feel about cats?

How do you demonstrate that you are happy?

If someone is angry at you, do you always know?

If you do something bad but nobody knows, do you still feel bad?

How many nicknames do you have?

Do you always finish what is on your plate?

How many naps is too many?

How do you feel about exercise?

Shoes: horrible traps for your feet or awesome and comfy?

How often do you get your hair done?

It's bath time! How do you feel about that?

What sort of physical contact is best?

How ticklish are you?

Are you easy to entertain?

Do you have a best friend?

Do you trust strangers?

How do you see your role in the family?

How do you feel when your boo leaves for work?

What do you feel when you see a puppy?

What's the best job in the world?

What's your opinion on the full moon?

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